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  1. Can someone explain to me why someone will post: "XXX is a great player and genius" then I look them up on OPR/PTR and they are losing over a million dollars and have a graph that starts at 0 and never returns to the positive? Are these tracking sites misleading or are the training site misleading? I don't mind giving the benefit of the doubt. I'm specifically talking about cash game results, not tournaments.You can easily look-up nanonoko on the same sites and see shining results.I am not here to gripe, I'm honestly trying to decide WHICH site to subscribe to and DEVOTE my full attention to.
  2. OK. Is there a list of confirmed players? I saw a huge list of players (GPI) then the roster and thought that was it. They also have a full page for Daniel with pic and bio so I was fooled!! hehe
  3. Why am I up at 7:38am in Vegas? Time for a groggy post!Daniel's argument is valid and I fully agree, despite the fact that he did get totally frustrated on QuadJacks. I have seen floor people perplexed by this rule for years. It needs to be re-written or removed.I think Savage is a nice guy and great TD but I will never agree with the rule. Lets make a sport that's considered boring, by many, even more uneventful by enforcing silence!? Soooooo, what about the collusion/cheating? You will never 100% stop cheating. I used to go to shady home games in Asheville, NC. There are a PLETHORA of ways
  4. lolWe'll I need to practice on endurance, stamina and not getting bored. These may be the perfect candidates to prepare for the WSOP main event. And hey your still at home. You can turn on music, eat, watch TV during etc..
  5. It's not too bad. The $11, $22, $33 "Deep Stacks" still have the longest structure. Their structure is better then the sunday million. If I was an mass multi-tabler I'd play those for sure.
  6. Shalom!I'd like to find a list of weekly tournaments that have a good structure on all the major sites. I don't want to play hyper-mega blast your stack off turbos. I'm not looking for WSOP main event structure, however most of the online events I've seen are horrible!! Lets just have the WCOOP every month! Has anyone seen a list of online tournaments with good long lasting play in the $50-$500 price range.Thanks.Thoughts?
  7. These are just idea's I'm throwing out there. It's not just 'my friend'. Now I've talked to over 20 random strangers who didn't know there was a secondary room with events being held. The Pavilion is so big that people think 'thats all there is'. Maybe just add some signs telling guys to come check out the action in the Amazon room behind the poker Pavilion would be sufficient. I knew to find it but apparently a lot of people are lemmings. I want the masses to have fun and want to come back to the WSOP next year so poker will grow Nothing more. But yes, the funnel idea would be a logistical
  8. I just want the 'newbie' fans to be happy and continue to come back.I was moseying back to my hotel room, via the elevator, and heard a guy say, 'this is my first year playing a WSOP event and I'll never do it again!' Another older couple asked if he saw any famous pros and he said no. He played in event #36. He was card dead and didn't cash but maybe if he had mingled with a few pros and felt like a star for a few minutes, he'd want to come back.I think all major events with the pros should be played in the Pavilion room and you should have to walk through it to get to the smaller sub events
  9. hartman72,Yes, I forgot that I was not posting on 2+2 (hehehe needle) I agree with you on that, but the WSOP is a whole experience. It'snot a quick dash down to a local casino. It could potentially bringnew curious players in to the game who are just visiting for thesummer, UFC or July 4th holiday.I'm not on the players advisory board for a reason :)I personally don't care about watching familiar faces but sooo many people do.
  10. First off--Please don't' flame me. This is just my opinion and observations. Healthy input is welcomed.-----------I am disappointed with the WSOP and how they have financially segregated the tournaments between the Pavilion and Amazon rooms. A lot of players come to the WSOP to check out the guys they have been watching on TV and railing online. When you arrive, they point you in to the first Pavilion room which is basically where the noobs are grinding donkaments. There are very few pros in that section.I realize that they need all the space they can get but seems they are purposely only runn
  11. Update: The Bodog app works but doesn't have poker. Grrrrrrr
  12. A lot of site consider SmartPhones those that run Windows Mobile OS. In this case BlackBerry does not. I should of clarified. Right now Cake just has WindowsMobile support (Samsung Blackjack etc). They are working on a one for the BlackBerry OS and should be done later this year. Woooo. I'm on the beta test list now.CD
  13. Here are the topics in question:http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...howtopic=132262http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...howtopic=136103Looks like CAKE has a SmartPhone application but unfortunately I have a Blackberry. Maybe thereis a smart phone emulator out there.CD
  14. Greetings,This may of been asked before or not but here goes . . . Does anyone know if the major sites have any poker applications for the BlackBerry or SmartPhone? I'm talking CASH not play money games. We have tons of useless apps available but I'm usually waiting somewhere that I have my phone but not my laptop.CD
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