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  1. I was playing in the American Poker Classic in January, and Jerry's table was going to be broken up and sent to our table. I enjoy having fun with people at the table (attention deficit disorder), so when Jerry got there I was going to ask him; how he puts a team like that on the floor and still charges $150 a seat. I mean come on Jerry how do you sleep at night. I thought that it would be fun, he would really have no choice, but to listen to it. That actually might not be a bad idea heads up, it might throw him off a bit. Anyway, he got knocked out just before they broke the table. I a
  2. Yesterday in the super sattelite for the LA Poker Classic Lou Diamond Phillips decides to show up and shoot his movie during the tournement. So they use all of us as extras, interupt the game, and don't even bring so much as a pizza much less add something to the pot (besides lou's buy in). I think this just goes along with the WPT making millions off the TV show and still taking $25,000 out of the pot to pay for the championship buyin. I just wonder how long the players will continue to get used like this? Now for players like Daniel they do get something back from all of this like the bi
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