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  1. It's in solidarity for his imprisoned brother.nelly_2.jpgAs for the case, a theory I once heard was that Wallace was the Devil, and that was his golden violin. It's a somewhat less metaphysical take on the same ol' line of thought.
    If I was the devil I would use my devilish powers to avoid getting a ss rammed.
  2. Love this book. It reads like a novel to me - a real page turner, so to speak. Very interesting.Two things though:1) If I was the editor I would have demanded an 75% reduction in exclamation points.2) He has a funny understanding of what the word "optional" means. Just something I noticed. It uses the word in a few somethat bizzare contexts that no native speaker would. Proves its not ghostwritten in any way.

  3. Thanks for the replys. I get it now. I figured out later that you would have no 7 in base seven just as we have no single digit for 10 in base 10. Its amazing that certain things you've thought of as concrete (such as base 10 counting) are actually completely arbitrary.I really have come to love math as I have gotten older. Math = truth. We humans just hang out arbitray notions on this truth and find ways to work with it.

  4. I’m ignorant about a few math concepts, and I’m having a bit of trouble imaging what a “base 7” counting system would look like. Base 10 refers to the fact that each place in our number system represents a power of ten, correct?So in base 7 each place is a power of 7? What’s the biggest number that can be written with two digits in base 7? At first I thought 77, then I thought 49, then 47, and now I’m not sure.EDIT: My newsest guess for the biggest two digit number is 56... which in base 7 would be written as 77... am I correct?

  5. Fairly interesting thread.I can relate what caused me to totally and completely reject the notion of the Christian version of God.I thought about the Holocaust, and the six million Jews killed. Of course that brings up the old question... why does a loving God allow this to happen? All part of his plan, I guess. Although since he is all powerful you would think he could come up with a plan that would avoid such sufferng. But there is more. Imagine suffering at near starvation for 6 months. Finally shuffled, trembling, into the gas chambers with dozens and dozens of others. And when you finally die, what awaits, from this God of Love? Enternal suffering in hell, because you never accepted Jesus as your lord and savior, being a Jew and all. If thats the way God is he does not deserve my worship. I think there is a God of sorts. A certain mojo that runs the universe. But not anything that gives a shi t about us or what we do.

  6. The sandwich was actually invented by a guy named the Earl of Sandwich.How crazy is that???!!!??? :club::ts:D The only guy who can top that feat is the Earl of Blojobes. He invented soup.

  7. Has a hidden immunity idol ever been successfully played? (ie to save someone who would have otherwise gone home)I seem to remember one being played when it turned out not to be necessary.James + Ozzie were voted out without using their idols. I'm not a die-hard fan, just cant recall a moment off the top of my head....

  8. Regarding 4-24 episode...dont read if you haven't seen it I can't believe how stupid the guys are in this season. James and the Erik kid knew what those evil b*tches were up to. The obvious strat is to let Jason in on whats happening, team up as the three guys and vote for one of the girls. Then Jason plays the immunity idol. The five girls (I think) spilt their vote so at least the guys can force tie of some sort. Its their best hope.

  9. Ever since I heard about the Hadron Collider and the possibility of it forming a mini-black hole I have been fascinated by the idea. I realize this is extremely improbable --- but it’s interesting to ponder.Suppose some earth-gobbling mini-black hole did form. What would it look like to those of us riding this planet to our doom? Instant death or do we have some time to realize what is happening?I picture driving down the interstate, in the distance the landscape crushing forward into blackness, light poles and over-passes warped and annihilated, front of the car now, China to my immediate right. Then I guess its over. Or, more likely, I'm ripped apart before I'm conscious of any of this.What do you think would happen?

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