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  1. DOH! I joined a week late!This looks like it will be a pretty good movie. I'm looking forward to checking it out. Hopefully I can pick up some free tickets, although ticket prices won't bust me
  2. Daniel did an excellent job with this video. It is great for beginners as it is easy to understand. Even if you've been playing poker for a while you would like this video.
  3. I must be no one cause I'm reading it LOL.I think Daniel is a great tournament player and would love to have his talent at the poker tables. As long as he can continue to profit like that I would be happy with it so I'm sure he is. Or perhaps Daniel would want to win more.
  4. I've seen discussions on this and some people prefer weekdays and other weekends. Some say the recreational players tend to show up on the weekends to play poker and can be easy money at times. Others like to play late as there may be people that have been drinking a little too much.When do you feel are the most opportune times/days to play poker online?
  5. Gus can play 8 9 suited like it's AK or even AA. He has an ability to know when to play with less than average hands. You can never get a read on Gus because he plays so many different hands.
  6. Jennifer is one of the best poker players in the world, not just one of the best female poker players. I not just saying that because she's a poker babe. She can play with the best of them and come out on top.
  7. I was watching Poker After Dark the other night and I was just thinking this girl is not as good as Shana Hiatt was. I think it was a repeat anyways so I don't know what's up with the show, I just know poker babe Shana wasn't there
  8. I don't think you did anything wrong, although acting strong can usually mean weak. so good thing he didn't pick up on that. Nothing wrong with it in terms of etiquette in my opinion.
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