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  1. Okay just so everyone realizes this.... Bryn Kenney is UdonWannit on stars. "BrynKenney" on stars is "his brother"He pretty much is a blatant multi accounter and it makes me sick. Dont root for him... thanks.
  2. James Carrol will probably make your life somewhat miserable. His name is croll103 online and he's had a pretty good wsop this year if Im not mistaken.His stats:Starshttp://www.officialpokerrankings.com/poker...F3638E.html?t=2GL danielFinished day 1d a little bit ago wtih 24,150. Day 2 on saturday for me.
  3. I was late in the day in the 2500 6m tournament and daniel negreanu was at the table right next to me and right after we got done bagging chips for the end of day I almost said "Hi Daniel im an fcp'r" but then he ran away and I didnt get a chance to
  4. Josh Brikis is a really nice kid who crushes so im rooting for him.
  5. tyty... weird day but really happy to finish with 25,200 going to 600/1200 tomorrow. we're pretty close to the money i think2/2 on day 2's at the wsop so far this year.
  6. made day 2 with 17,900 chips going to 500/1k next. We're going to be really close to the money when we restart on monday. Avg stack is probably around 25-26
  7. gonna set a reasonable goal for myself: make antes.
  8. sometimes i fold AJ-A2 from the small blind when the BB will call with a really loose range and I dont want him to suck out with KT vs. my A9 and stuff.
  9. hahaha actually just played a funny hand... I made myself a cup of coffee real quick and right before I went to take my first sip this hand came up so I put the coffee down and waited for him to fold. THen I took a sip (obviously I would have wanted to be able to fall asleep if I busted right there )PokerStars Game #43635367586: Tournament #2010050082, $100+$9 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XXVIII (6000/12000) - 2010/05/05 6:54:56 ET Table '2010050082 15' 9-max Seat #3 is the button Seat 1: JBurleson (628873 in chips) Seat 2: jayjayme (428531 in chips) Seat 3: vtlaxer09 (403291 in
  10. god these things are a grinddd. 517k in medium 8 almost 10 hours in.
  11. busto HU L and M in 1st round.Busto 8 H and L. 73k 8 M
  12. 70th in scoop 3M 50r for 1100ish or something
  13. I feel like Lurbz is an older version of me... making threads to try and get people on fcp to like him.. except he's not nearly as good looking or as good as me at poker.
  14. o no u misunderstood. I was actually spelling tool.
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