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  1. watching the new video blog reminds me of watching john mayer perform stand up. I love john mayer's music and think he is one the best musicians in the world( my opinion) but watching him try comedy while not that bad wouldnt keep me coming if he stoped singing/playing guitar. In short ill get my music from john , poker from daniel , comedy elsewhere. ps. i wasnt offended it just wasnt my cup of tea
    and your politics?
  2. Stars has the best support!To: support@pokerstars.comSubject: Chat>Please disable my chat for a period of one week. I can't seem>to stop tapping the aquarium, and need a reminder.>>My screen name is hblask.>>Thanks for your help.Hello Henry,I have revoked your chat for one week as requested. It should beautomatically re-instated. If there is anything else we can help you with,please let us know.Regards,PokerStars Support Team
    Quite possibly one of THE best things I've ever read...period. Friggen High-larious.
  3. He is one weird dude.
    He's actually one of the nicest players I've ever met. I met him at an airport in S.F., and he couldn't have been more ablidging about taking a picture with me and chatting about poker. He's also one of the few players over at FTP to actually engage players in chat. Overall I don't see him as weird at all.
  4. I take it Balloon guy is homeless and I'm the dead dog. That's okay, I've been called worse. Do we get to have poker on the airplane? If we won could we beat up Bill Frist, send Pelosi to Uganda, and poke Ted Kennedy with a stick?
    If you make the Pelosi and Kennedy things your top priorities...you can have whatever you damn well want. No empty promises though, please see to it that you do your best to follow through on those.
  5. Daniel this takes the cake! What the F... are you thinking, supporting Al Gore? He is a has been that never did anything positive for the United State of America. His administration was an embarrassment to the American people. And for you to include yourself as one of us is a joke, did you change your citizenship? Please stay out of US politics and stick to poker.
  6. Gee, you just joined yesterday and this was your 2nd post. Did you join just to heckle him?Daniel gets enthusiastic about ideas (and about life in general) and sincerely tries to make the world a better place through is actions and his writing. His enthusiasm is part of his charm ... and his sincere desire to help others is a big part of why many of us like and respect him. You certainly don't have to agree with everything he writes or does, but why join if you really don't like the guy?
    To be completely honest, Daniel used to be my favorite poker player. That is until I started reading his anti-President, anti-anyone who beats him in a hand of poker, anti-pretty much anything that he doesn't agree with blog. And no, I don't have to agree with everything he says...which is exactly why I wrote this blog in the first place. You know People like you crack me up...you'd be the first person to stand up and fight for free speech like I'm sure Daniel would, right up until someone comes on here and makes somewhat of an "edgy" post. I really didn't mean to come across as harsh as I did, and I'm sorry if you or anyone else is offended by it. But that same enthusiasm that Daniel wrote his blog with...is the same enthusiasm that I wrote my response with. I was annoyed with the blog and I thought this was a forum to air your feelings about it, guess I was wrong.Have a Nice Day
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