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  1. blake griffin baby.... what are your guy's thoughts on rubio? i personally think he is a bit over hyped and will drop out of top 3
    Yes I do think he is overhyped, and I think he should fall to number 7 and go to my the Warriors
  2. Joe Buck and the producers of the show had to know what they were getting into, I mean it's Arte freakin Lange, not Mother Teresa. I'm not saying I condone his languange or actions in any way, but what were they expecting?

  3. If the whip and .BA are right then his ERA will regress eventually (or he will pitch better and keep his ERA down).Still thats a very good stat line.....he is making a lot of money this year.
    The thing that always gets me about Cain is that he's still younger than Lincecum. He will be making a lot of money for the rest of his career.
  4. I don't see any reason why he can't win it, although right now I'd have to give the nod to Billingsley. But it's still pretty early and a lot can happen. Cain is actually getting some run support this year, but can the Giants sustain that for the rest of the season? CY Young voters obviously value wins over pretty much anything else, so the run support is gonna be huge. If wins were not held in such high regard, then as of right now I would think that Dan Haren would be the favorite since he's pretty much leading the world in all the categories you mentioned.

  5. The scientific point of view does not have to choose between not knowing something, and having faith. This is a false choice. It is perfectly reasonable to not know, and in fact the whole venture of science would make no sense if it weren't based on the understanding that there is so much we do not know. There is a lot we do not know about the origins of life. However, it is reasonable to think that we may learn more about the origins of life by studying it, by gathering evidence and applying our faculties of reason. There is no faith involved in this process, nor is there any absolute certainty.
    I don't think science and "religious" faith differ as much here as you might think.
  6. Go Giants! :PI'm going to Sunday's game. Can't wait!!!
    Gl to you guys this weekend, should be a good series. I've only been to one game at Pac Bell or whatever the heck it's called now lol, and it was amazing! Can't wait to get back there for a game. I'll be in Oakland next weekend for the first game of the series...have fun sir!!
  7. Recently finished:Poland by James MichenerAlaska by MichenerMake Love the Bruce Campbell Way by same ( reread)Rigged by Ben MezrichConspiracy of Fools by Kurt EichenwaldTreasures of Khan by Clive CusslerConspiracy of Fools was the story of Enron, interesting, but if I wasn't on a plane and a boat I'm not sure I would have finished it, kind of dry.Have a new Cussler book, and then planning on getting something on government grants because I have an idea of how I can scam the Obama government out of millions, and then make some real money...
    reading this right now myself, pretty good so far...I can definitely see a movie in it's future.
  8. I didn't tease her for it, I even offered her advice last week on things she could do to quell the "piling on" she receives. I think I even complimented her in that post. Yikes!And yes, I put her on ignore because on the hockey board she was being, as far as I was concerned, disruptive to the conversation by posting long articles over and over and over again. People told her to stop and that prompted her to do it more. So instead of getting on her for it and adding to or continuing the ridicule and insults, I put her on ignore and thus no matter what she says or does it will not bother me and thus she can continue to post her long useless articles and it no longer disturbs me so if that makes me childish, oh well. I would think it would be the opposite since I am making a compromise that allows her to do what she wants and allows me to avoid the disruption. And yes, if I can have the ability not to have to read and sort through the gobblygook of her posts then that makes this place more enjoyable for me. That doesn't equal childish. Nice try though...
    so having your way no matter who it hurts, or to what extent it hurts them doesn't make it childish? Yeah my bad, you're right.
  9. But come on, posting a "i want to kill myself" post on the internet is so middle school.
    But picking on a person for poor spelling and grammar isn't? Seriously, who (above the age of 6) does that? And it bothers you so much that you put her on ignore? Yeah, Rose is the one with middle school tendencies :club:
  10. Wanted to pop in here, mention some good things.1) 2nd 3 game win streak of season2) taking 3 of 4 IN chicago3)Holliday batting .350+ in last 22 games4) Giambi getting some pop5) Mazzaro looking good, future Ace!Lets take 3/3 from baltimore
    FYP6 game winning streak is nice. Pitching is stellar, and the offense is coming alive. I know he's only pitched 2 games, but I'm seriously liking this Mazzaro kid.
  11. fuc k lifeI can't stand how people , or so call kids go on berating others just for the sake of insulting. Does it serve a purpose to continuously hurt there feelings. Would you like it if someone constantly runned you down day in and day out. To chase them out of something they enjoy or love, even if they love it and are not good at it. This place is not a serious place. It's a place for fun, and enjoyment but people seem to forget about that and want to take ownsership. For some people this place is like family to them, but again people come off as biatches, with hatered. I was told to lighten up and joke around well people, I tried. It seem people here don't know how to do the same thing. Thanks to most of the negativity here I have been pushed into a depression and with that thoughts of wanting to die that goes with all the hatered I have been reading lately. So I hope you are all happy to see me so miserable and maybe if your lucky I just may have the guts to die too. Hope your are satisfy with that. and may it be on your conscious forever
    Soooooooooooooooo NOT worth it. With all due respect, if the people on this site make you wanna kill yourself, you may have some deeper issues.
  12. Please feel free to articulate any reasons you may have for your positions. It is sort of difficult to engage in meaningful discussion when you make only bare conclusory statements.
    I didn't have much to work with, given the amount of thought put into the posts that I was responding to.
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