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  1. I want the following to happen: I want every person to think, right before he posts, "Is there a chance anybody will read what I have to say and be better off in any way than he was before?" If the answer is "No, there is no chance" -- I'm looking at you GeneralGeeUseless****Face -- then just... I mean, it takes some effort to post. It takes some time, and some button clicking. If it is certain that it is of no value to anyone -- Rose says "lol" and you respond " :club: " -- then why?
    Oh my titical blunder
    look cunt, leave me out of your drunken, degen posts. why don't you suck on a dudes dick and die of aids.
  2. our season would of been over if we lost that game. I was also ranting about the bad calls because it was just one after other and it just grew to a boiling point. And like u said Patrick, if Lincecum had finished that game, our momentum would of been high.
    How would your season have been over if you lost that game? That's what I don't get. Do you still think that the Giants have a chance to catch the Dodgers? Or are you looking realistically at the Wild Card? Because as it stands going into play today, you guys are only 1.5 games out of the Wild Card. So how would another half game mean your season is over? And I don't mean momentum wise either. They had no momentum coming into that game, so that win did nothing for them momentum wise. It's a "1 game winning streak." I don't think the Giants are done by any means. Do they have an uphill battle? Yeah. But they're chasing the Rockies, not the Dodgers. It's a 1.5 chase from here on out, and as long as you look at it that way, you will be much better off...Well maybe not GoodTom so much :club: Yeah Yeah I know, go suck a d--k.
  3. The umping in this series against the Dodgers was TOTAL BULLSH!IT!! I've never seen so many calls blown in this short of a span! The double play/double WRONG call in the 5th was complete horse sh!t. Fuc you MLB umpires. suc on a horses hole.
    *NEWSFLASH* MLB Umpires Suck Also, which blown call cost them 9 runs yesterday? The Dodgers are just the better team. Blaming the umps? C'mon Gereral, you're better than that. You're not GoodTom.
  4. It was becoming incredibly painful waiting for somebody to notice that particular Easter Egg. I was actually pretty sure it was going to go unmentioned. I moved it from its place of prominence and placed it in that nook specifically for the photograph. I also put that box of Fish Tissues above her head.The ball is autographed by a former Detroit Tigers infielder. This particular Tiger has always been one of my personal favorites, and one whom I believe bears a slight resemblance to my new Special Lady Friend. I mentioned the story about this particular autograph in the sick-thread, so no fair searching, and all Sickies are banned from participating.First person to get will receive a minor reward that is, as of yet, necessarily secret.
    Tony Clarkedit: did I seriously just use my 2,000th post to type Tony Clark? Son of a...
  5. I don't totally hate what the floor decided. It really sucks when it comes down to a dealer mistake like that. So I feel like a re-do is kinda appropriate, whether the cards were protected or not.
    edit: wow, didn't realize my next post is 2K...hmmmmmmm.
  6. Yeah, it was a lot. It was a turbo (which I hate) though so it didn't take too terribly long. Previous bests were winning two tourneys at Party Poker both which had about 2600 people.
    I was deep in the 5.50 20k gtd. today with about 5800 or so entrants. I was actually chip leader with about 100 left and finished in like 60th or so :club: . So, very good job and finishing it off, not always an easy task.
  7. Jesus, pretty soon you guys are gonna have to start forfeiting games because you can't field a full team.
    sounds like my softball team...but that's only cuz half the team is wasted before the game even starts.
  8. I did a mock draft on ESPN today for giggles1. (10) Chris Johnson2. (15) Drew Brees3. (34) Pierre Thomas4. (39) T.J. Houshmandzadeh5. (58) DeSean Jackson6. (63) Lee Evans7. (82) Earnest Graham8. (87) Greg Olsen9. (106) Donnie Avery10. (111) Matt Hasselbeck11. (130) Jerious Norwood12. (135) Mushsin Muhammed13. (154) Corell Buckhalter14. (159) Redskins D15. (178) Vernon Davis16. (183) Kicker
    DeSean Jackson
  9. i hear everything the "other side" says. and the aim is to help educate neutral readers (if there are any here) and to help them think critically, notto sway the other side.
    I didn't say you were trying to sway the other side, I just said that nothing gets accomplished because no one (with the exception of the VB and BG debate) really listens to each other. Everyone just talks over and around each other. It's like talking to someone face to face, all the while knowing that they're not really listening to you...instead they're trying to think of what they're going to say next. That's all I'm saying.
  10. Hey, blue moon is like my cheap beer of choice.Unless someone has another cheap beer to recommend?
    I would, but aren't you the anti-hops guy? Actually Sierra Nevada isn't bad, and not too expensive if you don't like major hops.
  11. i agree...first i heard of this (was at work all night)bud light - do i need to explain?red stripe - SUCKS!..unless you grew up with it in Jamaica...is Gates Jamaican?Blue Moon - usually served with an orange...need i say more?good point.
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