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  1. Side note, if the Giants have any sort of memory at all, Prince Fielder will get hit in the first series next year for that little stunt after his walk off. As much as I enjoy watching people show up the Giants, we really don't need endzone celebrations in baseball.
    I thought the same thing. I hope Cain or Lincecum puts a fastball in his ear hole, that fat phuck.
    See I have hard time agreeing with you guys on this one. I don't understand why it's ok for pitcher's to do it (i.e. K-Rod and Brian Wilson, even my boy Dennis Eckersley back in the day with the finger point), but it's not ok for hitters to "endzone dance." If we draw the line for hitters, then we have to draw it for pitcher's as well. The only difference is, pitcher's have a weapon if they get pissed off after being shown up...batter's don't.With that being said, Fielder did cross the line...but he's a jackass as it is.
  2. This is great. I love this idea. It's too bad the flowers thing won't work for her. How about a romantic picnic somewhere scenic with a great bottle of champagne and fancy cheeses and yummy baked things in a basket with blankets and real crystal glasses and stuff. Bring a cd player and maybe make her a mix cd (corny but sweet) to play while you're making out. Try to think of everything you might need and pack it up, then pick her up at the prescribed time, but keep the location of your date a surprise. Don't forget to get a simple card (not too much poetry) and then write some of your own nice sentiments in there.
    this is a good one. I did this once in Napa...we were going to go wine tasting, but instead of tasting with all the other tourists I had packed a nice picnic basked and found a quiet little park and we had a picnic. Nice bottle of wine, nice china, a nice cheese plate and bread, a little music and cheesecake for dessert (her favorite)...and a little music. We actually danced one dance to our song "The way you look tonight." Cheesy (to say the least), but it worked like a charm. However we broke up 5 months later, so maybe it didn't work quite as well as I thought.
  3. ok, this may be a little on the ghey side and depend completely upon whether or not your gf is the romantic type. But there's this book called "All About Us," it's sort of a blank book journal thing where you fill in all the blanks with details about your relationship. It's pretty sappy, but I filled it out (at least the parts that I could remember) one year and gave it to my gf and she read the whole thing and absolutely loved it. She'll love the thoughtfulness behind it, as it covers a lot of detailed stuff, especially about your first date and stuff like that. Anyway, kinda ghey, but it works like magic. Also, add jewelry or flowers to it.

  4. extrapolate? was it the comment about his playing KQ against AQ and loosing the minimum? What was his postion, ect ect.. what what was it a call from the BB the cut off The button ....Also how the hell did the pot with two pair flopped get so big when he is a "small ball Player" was he thinking about the other guy flopping a set.ect ectAlso what about Daniels play over the past year convinces you that he isn't just coasting on his celebrity and big Poker Stars Contract?Finally do you appreciate his constant digs at Phil Hellmuth? DO you find them funny. Does Phll write about Daniel EVER? Isn't he an "easy target"?But thanks for ranking my Post as "ignorant" Wasn't that Michael Jackson favorite phrase?
    nice try Phil :club:
  5. Penny is a dbag but he probably should be a minor to moderate upgrade over Martinez. Not sure why Sabean is focused on upgrading his 5th starter when there are more glaring needs though.My fav commentary on Penny via Larry Bowa this spring:"Is this the same Penny that never went to meetings, that came late, left early, was never in shape, always had an excuse when things didn't go right, didn't help the young kids at all? Coaches get on players when they're lazy and don't work. I think he should worry about getting hitters out in the American League East and not worry about me."
    <3 Larry Bowa
  6. He pitched pretty well tonight. Not to mention he has a 1.80 ERA in his last eight starts.If the Giants can continue to play good, solid baseball, we could be a serious threat in the playoffs thanks to our pitching staff. (That's if we make the playoffs.)
    My point wasn't that he's not pitching well. My point was that the Giants don't get those clutch hits with Z on the mound. I'm sure he's having flashbacks of Oakland.And going into this weekend I would've said that there's no way they can make the playoffs, much less be any kind of threat. This weekend's series however, makes me think they do still have a legitimate shot. They just need to stay consistent, and they haven't been able to do so all year.
  7. were you just curious or were you trying to make a not so subtle point? I post whenever I feel like it. Maybe that is more after wins, maybe more after losses...i dont understand why it matters. I think now that the Giants are only two games back again you can definitely say that they are still in the playoff hunt. Call me crazy but ive always heard that good pitching and clutch hitting wins ballgames. :jh
    I wasn't necessarily trying to be subtle. And don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to pick a fight, you're actually starting to grow on me a little...but don't let it go to your head. I'm just saying that all you seem to do is post these guys :5c:ts:club::qh:3h:4h after wins, but you don't show up after 11-0 losses to the D-bags. And yes, clutch hitting will win you ball games, however the Giants don't do it nearly enough to be a playoff team...just ask Barry Zito.
  8. I think that is a little bit of an overreaction. I realize the loss was devastating, but teams THAT HAVE SOME SEMBLANCE OF AN OFFENSE have come back from worse.The Rockies play the dodgers for three games and then head to SF to play three games. If the Giants are still 4 games out after this stretch, then yes, I would say they are out of it.
    eff why pee
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