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  1. okay then. forget about being a Christian. the guy is an idiot. he likes to tell you how he is correct about everything, and everyone else is wrong. and then try to prove it to you. does anyone agree with me? the guy is a complete idiot. what makes you think he is so smart?

  2. Anyone read his "journal"? I have zero repect for the guy. Maybe it is because I am a Christian. He sure comes across as an expert on every topic in the world. To me he seems like a very lonely, lost person.

  3. I am starting a group of the best poker players that live in my house. Since I live alone, I have appointed myself the president, VP, and sec. What do you guys think? I am very excited about our (my) future with this project. Any reponse would be appreciated. I will bring up any suggestions you guys have to myself at my next meeting. Thanks!

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