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  1. The stupidest thing I ever saw was something that I actually did. The first time I ever played a live tournament was at Alladin.A few levels into it I limped with a marginal hand and saw a flop with three other players. Post flop it was checked to me and I had bottom pair and no draw. I wanted to throw out a pot size bet and see where my pair stood so I reached down and grabbed two $100 chips and threw them out. The dealer announced "Bet is $2000". I grabbed the wrong chips. When the dealer said the amount my face went pale when I realized I led out bottom pair for 2k. The other players read me cold and went over the top and I folded.I went busto about 5 minutes later.
  2. Wow, harsh replies from gibbo and alina, jeez you guys have to calm down. In no way do I, or even wrote in the op, that I "talk shit" or "analyze each hand" during the home game? I know the home games are just for fun and to just hang with the buds. I was more annoyed as to the fact that I was being berated at each hand just because I played online. And again, as I stated in the op, it was all in just good humor, so I wasn't going to leave the house stomping mad over a little joke.

  3. Dude-Clearly there still issues today with collusion and multiaccounting going on at the highest levels of online gambling. Cheating can happen anywhere where money is involved.I know many of many players (including DN) who can absolutely destroy a live game but struggle online. The games are different, the skillset is different.
    Yeah why is that. Why is live poker soo much different than online (besides the fact that you can see your opponent)
  4. Hey, so right now I'm 17 and have one more year in high school. I plan on playing poker as a source of income throughout my college years (hopefully around the rate of a steady 10 dollars per hour job), but that wont be till I'm 18, in college, and with a credit card. So as for now, I'm focusing on my high school work, just hanging out, and living life as a high school teen, but I also want to continue getting better at poker without playing. Which books would be the best for me read to enhance my play? Obviously the HOH series, but any hidden diamond-in-the-rough books? And has anybody else done this when they were my age? I started playing online when I was 15 and made only 300 dollars, (I had no control over my br, or still dont as a matter of fact). How did you start off when you hit 18? How many hours did you play, winning profit, etc? Did you find balancing your time with a job, social life, college difficult?Any tips when I start my career as in which sites to choose, which rakeback system works the best. I learned that full tilt has the worse support, ever so i probably wont play there. Any amateur problems I'll likely experience that anyone else has gone through and can help me out? Also, how big was your br when you started? I'm thinkin of depositing around 1k. Another question, how crucial is it for me to learn/buy pokertracker?

  5. While playing at a friend's home game, I was being berated left and right by the entire table for being the only poker player there (that actually understands the game on a higher level compared to the average amateur player). There were 8 people playing, and if any of them were involved with me in a hand, they would just attack me with lines like, "GOT THE POT ODDZ TO CALL HERE?!?!", "READ MY HAND IF YOU CAN!", and at some points were there were multiple people in the pot with me, I literally had at least 2-3 people barking at me?? I guess to try to intimidate me. I guess this is actually a rant post.. but this got annoying and fast, anyone else deal with this? These guys were all in good humor, but after 2 hours of this late night, I became reeeaaall grumpy

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