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  1. A very well written response.I already responded to the first paragraph in the post before this one. Again I ask you to list what "freedoms" and "Liberties" you or anyone have lost. Habeas corpus has not been suspended, you are crying wolf and blowing things out of proportion. The Geneva Convention DOES NOT apply to everyone contrary to popular myth and torture is subjective and I still have not heard what anyone considers torture. I have my own standards but unfortunately those that talk as you do consider having to do anything you don't want to do to be torture. The governemnt is not out running around torturing people so please stop perpetrating the myth.Past administrations tried to deal with terrorists by going after them under our legal system ( treating them the same as domestic criminals) and it has been shown not to work. You see the problem is people forget that the terrorists arent idiots and use our system against us by hiring lawyers and judges that feel that their right to kill you and as many others as they can are being violated. Liberty and freedom are NOT all encompassing and dont give you a license to do whatever you please.I hope you do understand that our freedom is one of the reason that radicals Muslims hate us. Yet you think we should let them use our criminal system to get out thanks to liberal lawyers and judges. They laugh at us everytime one of them uses the system against us and they are grateful to the liberals of the world.For a god example please see Sammy al Arian. Just a small example.
    for about the 800th time, you're missing the point. Nobody has claimed they ARE going out and torturing everybody, it's the fact that they CAN if they please that is bothersome.
  2. If the world were perfect, I'd be like 1:250 to get laid here. Sadly, I'm going to hope she recognizes {nice dream} from that time she got all stoned her junior year of highschool.I'm also thinking about tossing in a little Johnny Cash. I think girls might appreciate guys who appreciate Johnny Cash. I have no basis for this, apart from my very very short friend getting a respectable amount of *** he attributes directly to his Johnny Cash fanhood.Wang
    pssssshhhhh.....Just throw on a Blood Brothers cd, and if she doesn't leave after one song, you've got a keeper.
  3. Because, if you're willing to let this unreasonible belief go without question, then you're likely to let other unreasonible beliefs go without question. Next thing you know, you think the war on drugs is a good thing, that homosexuality needs to stay in the closet, that occasional exposure to second hand smoke will kill you, that silicone breast implants cause disease, that airport screening makes you safer, that Social Security is just fine, someone invented a carberator that made an engine get 100MPG but was killed by the big oil companies, etc.....I encourage everyone to constantly be requestioning EVERYTHING, and this must first start with freeing your mind from the trap of faith. Be a freethinker. Reject mythology, reject folklore, reject tradition, THINK!!!!By the way, I'm not gay, don't smoke, the strongest drug I "do" is caffine (with high fructose corn sugar and carmel color thanks)... That does not mean that I should not support gay rights, smokers rights and push an end to this war on ourselves that we call "the drug war"....I believe that love, like all other emotions, are electro-chemical responses to stimuli. When in the presence of your pair-bond, chemicals are released. Love is an addiction to those chemicals.We can fake these feelings with other drugs, like nicotine and cocaine. Because we'd be MUCH more likely to use data, rather than emotion and folklore, to correctly make decisions that would best improve the human condition. Instead of arguing gay rights and abortion and vice, we might just be able to address some real issues. Instead of "because the Bible says so", maybe we could have some real informed discussions. Because maybe we'd finally accept that humans are flawed, and wihout rigurous work to prevent it, we all tend to create and strenghen, then cling to FALSE beliefs.
    well, I support gay marriage, so I think its a little bit of a generalization to assume that people of faith are uncapable of thinking clearly, or developing their own opinions on certain subjects. Also, I'm sorry to hear that you're a robot. I don't know what drugs you've been around, but I've never heard of a drug that can recreate caring so much about something that you'd literally die for them, but that's how I feel about the people I care about. Lastly, you seem to use the phrase "clinging to false beliefs" a bit. That's fine, we disagree. However, just as there is no physical scientific evidence of God, I'm pretty positive you can't DISPROVE the existence of God. The Big Bang is something that happened, we know that, and we can basically trace time back to the split second after it happened, but what we don't know anything before that. So, we can't scientifically prove, and you can't scientifically disprove. The big bang does not disprove God, neither does evolution, as some seems to think it does. There's no reason these can't be tools used by God in order to create the universe.
  4. I'm actually really interested in your viewpoints on these subjects. I've met several people that had very very similar views as yourself(I was going to somewhat of a nerd college) and I've had several discussions of this nature. There are 3 things that I'd like to bring up to see what you have to say about them.1) I understand that you feel I'm wrong. That's fine, it's not my business to try and persuade you one way or the other, but what I'm asking is this: If I am wrong, where's the harm? How are YOU affected by MY belief in something? Which leads back to my original questioning of why you felt the need to tell me I'm wrong. 2) Do you believe in love? Or, do you simply believe that we find someone we're biologically sexually attracted to, mate with them, and then finish our lives. What I'm getting at is, the scientific method doesn't have any way of taking into account human emotion. Your love for someone, whether it be a spouse, or your best friend, can't be quantified through the scientific method. So, how do you plan on explaining these feelings of love to yourself, if you believe in love?3) I'd just like you to explain a little bit more your ideas on why society would be better without any religion, and if we ran all of the things we believe through the scientific method.

  5. Differnt brains work differently. For example, I've always excelled in math and science. Aced every test in AP Calc and AP Physics. 1420 SAT (770math/650Lang) and that was back in the mid-80s, before they started inflating the scores becuase they were dropping every year. I sit through a lecture on Integration by Parts, and just "get it:, most times seeing where the lecture is going before the teacher even gets there.By profession, I'm a computer programmer. Again, see something once, and I just "get it". There is a problem that needs fixed, and I just know how to handle it.IQ tests have measured me anywhere from 140 - 160. Somewhere between top 1% and top .1%.Now, give me a set of spelling words. Have me write every word 100 times. Wait 10 minutes. Ask me how to spell one of the words.... Woosh... gone from my memory. Seriously.... I flunked spelling tests from 1st grade to 12th. College papers were all covered in red ink with spelling and grammer corrections. The QA team that checks my code knows they need to be extra vigelant checking the UI for spelling errors. Maintenance coders have a heck of a time matching variable names because so many of mine are misspelled.Would you read a poorly spelled and constructed essay of mine, and assume I'm an idiot? The key to human intelligence is the ability to see patterns in the data. People who are very good at memorization (like good spellers) generally have a more difficult time seeing through the data to the core concept (like people good at math).But how do we sort the data? There is too much!!!! Simple. We form expectations. Data that fits the expectation, reconfirms it in their heads. Data that doesn't fit is easily dismissed.My dad, whom I consider to be every bit as intelligent as me, is a racist. In his mind, black people are all criminals, no good lazy bastards, and leaches on society..... Well, that Colon Powel guy seems okay, but the rest are worthless. Everytime he sees a criminal on TV that is black, his opinion is reinforced. When he sees a successful black person... obviously they got their job because of affermitive action.Religious Faith is just one of these patterns. It is the foundation of the religious person's belief system... The one belief which can't be challenged. Everytime something good happens, it reaffirms their belief in God. Everytime something bad happens, well "the Lord works in mysterious ways", or "God is punishing us for accepting homosexuality and abortion", or whatever.A bus full of 40 students slides off an icy road, down a hill, into a river. 10 die.... Praise the Lord that he saved 30.A woman pulling onto a freeway doesn't see a car, pulls into the side of it, sending her minivan spinning out of control, into the guard rail. The daughter in the back seat is not buckeled in, and falls out of the vehicle, off the side of the freeway, and lands on a freshly watered, grassy, steep embankment 20 feet below. The kid suffers many broken bones, cuts, etc. Praise God that the kid fell 20 feet over the guardrail and didn't die. Wait... the embankment was at a 45 degree angle, so force of impact was as if falling from 10 feet, which would rarely be fatal.... Why didn't God make you see the other car, or make her put on here seat belt? Who cares, God saved my daughter.This, is why I think the Scientific Method is so important. The rigors of the system require people to face their own expectaions, eventually reducing or eliminating the effects of human flaws from the process of searching for knowledge.People that say "Evolution is just a theory" clearly have no idea what that means. Theory means that it has had evey available test thrown against it, has been run against all the data, has been scrutanized and then retested and scrutanized again, and it FITS the data!!!Compare this to faith.... This is my belief. It is "The Truth". It is above challenge. Faith embraces human flaw, the ability to hold false beliefs and expectaions, and glorifies it. When science finds fault with the beliefs, rather than questioning the beliefs, the religious seek to shut down that line of scientific research.
    I agree with most of your post. I'm a Christian. Now, it may be because I consider myself to be a very liberal type of Christian(I'm as turned off by fundamental christians as most atheists are), but I don't see why science and religion can't coexist. I believe in God(in whatever shape or form that He exists), and I also believe in evolution, the big bang, all those science-y theories about the beginnings of the universe, because they're true. I was an astrophysics major for two years(I stopped because I got extremely dis-interested in regular physics) and got to have plenty of discussions with my professors about these subjects, and I even had one Astrophysics teacher who happened to be a religious person, so he was a good person to talk to. Anyways, my point is, I don't think all your assumptions are correct about faith not being challenged, because I've just gone through a very weird/rough period of my life where I rejected all my feelings and beliefs, and then I found them again. I also think it's a little pretentious to imply(at least that's why I got from your post, if that's not your intention, then I apologize) that believing in God means you are not of high intelligence. Lastly, I would just like to ask why people who do not believe in God, are trying(and it seems like it's everyday on this board) to disprove Him, and to make all Christians feel like they are wrong and are stupid. Honestly, does that fact that I believe in God bother you that much? Does it affect your life at all? Now, I'm assuming that you're going to counter by saying that there are plenty of Christians trying to persuede you everyday to believe. Whether this is true or not, I don't know, because I don't partake in any of that. I'm a firm believer in letting individuals make their own decisions. What I know is this: I grew up in a Christian environment, and I felt very empty, because it was all forced. Then I rejected everything I had been taught and tried to find out things for myself. After a lot of time and searching, I came back to Christianity and I've never been happier. I see the people in my life in a new light, I'm a lot more loving that I used to be. I'm truly happy, and I don't see why I should be attacked for that.(I'm in no way attacking you or trying to suggest that you were attacking someone, I'm speaking very generally)
  6. luckily you dont have to understand/agree with it for it to be true
    That's true. And you're certainly entitled to your own beliefs, however wrong they may be. Please enlighten me as to how being a bigot in any sense can be a good thing. Main Entry: bigĀ·ot Pronunciation: 'bi-g&tFunction: nounEtymology: French, hypocrite, bigot: a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance
  7. if i was fat id accept it theres no denying that. but being a bigot isnt always bad, hard as that is to believe BECAUSE of the word's negative connotation.
    Are there unicorns where you live, too?
  8. Is anyone else really pissed about Tower Records closing. There was a great one near my house in Connecticut and it was the only place where I would by music. The prices were good and they had some great sales. Now that it's gone, whenever I go home, I won't be able to buy music. It's kind of going to ruin my life.I never got into this whole iTunes thingy. I mean, I love iTunes and use it all the time, but I would never buy music through it. I need something tangable to hold, or to play in my car when I'm driving, or to display in a giant case to show off to everyone how many CD's I own and how good they are and therefore how good of a person I am. Plus if my computer were to crash and I were to lose my music, I'd have to murder someone. And I don't want to go to jail./rant.
    It's always sad when music store chain closes down, but there's not one anywhere close to here, so it's not a huge deal for me. And, ya, I buy all my music at A)Best Buy or B) little indie record stores around town.
  9. You're joking, right?Because if you're not, then that might possibly be one of the dumbest things I have heard. Ever.
    Explain? My post was a tad sarcastic, but I definitely wasn't joking. Alcohol literally has no postive effects. You can do anything without alcohol that you could do with alcohol, and do it without any of the negative side effects of alcohol.
  10. favorite mixed drink?Chocolate****ingMilkFill a glass almost completely full with milk(leave a little room to stop spillage), pour in a moderate amount of chocolate syrup(should only rise maybe less than a quarter inch from the bottom of the glass), stir vigorously until blended smoothly, and drink down your new tasty treat. Alcohol is for people too socially akward to have fun without it.

  11. This thread made me LOL. I mean, c'mon............People DO NOT actually listen to Nickelback and Hinder. Those are the worst two bands in history. I'll give Nickelback some credit though, They're number two on the list, while Hinder is number one. But only because Hinder dissed a very talented band in an interview and that pisses me off.

  12. No, that happened to me once, on accident. I was on a double date, and I had that on a CD in my car. I wasn't really paying attention, because I was chatting up my date in the front seat. But the people in the back heard it, and kinda flipped out.I did not get laid that night.Wang
    haha, that's so awesome. If I get to meet jamie when I see them later this month, I think I might tell him that story.
    whee yeah, i'm a fan.
    are you by any chance going to see them on the 27th(I noticed you're from chicago)? I'm going to visit a friend in chicago that weekend, and I think I'm gonna go.
  13. Slightly too gay for me. I just can't do it. I respect his music, but the pure unadulterated homosexuality of "fabulous muscles" just kinda ruined it for me.Wang
    hahaMy favorite thing to do when I'm hanging out with new people, is to let everyone get comfortable, chatting it up and whatnot, then throw on "fabulous muscles" and watch how fast everyone gets really akward after the line "cremate me after you cum on my lips"seriously, it's the funniest thing ever.
  14. i have a show on college radio now so ive been getting leaks which is pretty sweet. like yall, the new beck, decemberists, and hold steady have been on play for about a week, with a little other stuff thrown in, including:of montreal (saw them live at duke a week or so ago. off the charts hilarious and amazing)neon blondeelliott smithairclipseart brut (whose live show is also kickass, saw them with we are scientists a bit ago)and right now the promo (leak) of the DFA Remixes Vol.2, reviewing it for the station. its really good.
    No lie, of montreal is pretty much amazing. I can't wait for their new album, and it doesn't come out till next year :club:
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