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  1. For people who support bans on same-sex marriage:Why? What do your personal morals have anything to do with the freedoms of others? What would two men or two women marrying have anything to do with you? Also, I know Keith brings it up in the video, but I think it's a valid point: Do you honestly not see the similarities between the interracial marriage laws of 40 years ago? We can see now that those laws were bigoted and unjust, so why are same-sex marriage bans not seen in the same light? Lastly, is there even a rational argument against same-sex marriage that isn't religious? I've never heard one if there is.

  2. In response to the dude who said I'm an idiot because I think it's easier to be gay than conservative...You obviously don't attend a liberal arts college in modern day America. Homosexuality may not be cool with the older folk, but it's quite normal and tolerated among my peers. As it should be, in my opinion.The few flames I've received in this thread just validate my point lol.Yeah, it's not hard to be conservative surrounded by a sea of liberals. It's not hard to hear how terrible your country is day in and day out. You're right. It's not hard to have my opinions shut down by a professor in the middle of class because I'm "ignorant and thickheaded"... even though my argument was as simple as supporting my country. You're right. Good point. I'm obviously mentally handicapped. It's not hard at all to have your beliefs and ideas degraded day after day.Good point, buddy.
    You're right, I don't attend a liberal arts college, but that doesn't have anything to do with anything. You didn't say "its easier to be gay than conservative in a liberal arts college full of crazy liberals." As far as I can remember, I can't think of any news about somebody being killed or tortured or bullied day in and day out for being conservative. I can't remember conservatives being bumped to second-class citizens by not having the same rights as everyone else like marriage and stuff. In fact, its conservatives(for the most part, I acknowledge that there are democrats who are on the same side as republicans) that are trying to make sure same-sex marriage is illegal because they think they know what's best for everybody. Trust me, I know how you feel. Its not exactly easy being a liberal atheist in the deep south. I don't know a single person that shares my views on politics and other things...but I don't go around make stupid claims that demeans the plight of people who have actually suffered.
  3. Dear Nikki, What do you do when you have a GIANT crush on a girl who is one of your best friends? We've known each other for a few years, we do a lot of stuff together(go out to eat, go to concerts...etc) and I've had a big crush on her for a long time, but I've never done anything about it because for about the last year or so she's had a pretty serious boyfriend. They just broke up about 2 months ago, and from the conversations I've had with her, they're still in a "broken up, kinda-sorta trying to work on it" phase, but she really doesn't think it can ever work because she just doesn't like his personality anymore and by her own admission they're not a very good couple together. Should I just try and sit her down sometime and tell her? I'm scared to do this because not only are her and her ex not completely out of each others lives, but I'm also scared that if she doesn't feel the same way(which is kind of likely) then it will make our friendship kind of akward. Any advice you can give would be appreciated.

  4. What a weird hand, with weird lead changes.I definitely think you spewed here, immensely though.I probably don't cap the flop here, although I would against an aggressive player with BB clearly drawing at something, even if it's just overcards.The turn is so weird. SB checks after capping the flop...? He could have a draw and just want to get there cheap. I don't know wtf he'd be thinking with a made hands. I don't hate the raise if we put SB on a draw type hand, and BB on whatever, betting cuz of the SB's check. It must be noted though, that the BB has to realize we are strong, so he can't just be betting air here unless he's retarded. I would probably just go into call down mode here, and not be happy about it, folding for 2 cold at any point.The river is a massive spew. That Q really didn't change anything. If we were ahead, we're still ahead, if not, we're still behind. The only thing we sucked out on was like 23o, and it makes no sense for SB to bet that now, and we know BB doesn't have that. I'd just call here, closing the action. The raise isn't the worst, but the cap is god awful.
    ouch....harsh.just kidding, I really appreciate it. I'm learning, so your reply was really helpful.
  5. PokerStars 0.25/0.50 Hold'em (7 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FCP)Preflop: Hero is UTG with A :) , Q :D . CO posts a blind of $0.25. Hero raises, 2 folds, CO (poster) calls, 1 fold, SB calls, BB 3-bets, Hero calls, CO calls, SB calls.Flop: (12 SB) 2 :D , 3 :D , Q :club:(4 players)SB bets, BB calls, Hero raises, CO folds, SB 3-bets, BB calls, Hero caps, SB calls, BB calls.Turn: (12 BB) J :D(3 players)SB checks, BB bets, Hero raises, SB calls, BB 3-bets, Hero calls, SB calls.River: (21 BB) Q :)(3 players)SB bets, BB calls, Hero raises, SB 3-bets, BB calls, Hero caps, SB calls, BB calls.Final Pot: 33 BBI guess I'm just wondering about the turn. maybe the whole hand in general, just seems like a lot of action with just top pair, top kicker.I'm new to limit hold 'em and probably suck at it so keep that in mind.

  6. The Chariot- Fiancee(I might have spelled that wrong)Minor Threat - DiscographyModern Life Is War - random songs, no particular albumand my band is currently recording an ep. I'd link our myspace page on here, but you guys would probably just make fun of me. It's real sugary rediculously catchy powerpop music. Not to mention the songs on our page are terrible. We'll have good recordings soon though(finishing up this weekend) and if you want to listen I can send you the link.

  7. I think in this situation the stacks of the other two people at the table are relevant. If the original shover is loose like you say, and you think that AQ will stand up well to his pushing range there, then iso-shoving I think is best, meaning that the BB has to have a MONSTER to call off all his chips. Folding for the 1400 is not so bad either. I'd probably mix it up and alternate the two plays a certain percentage of the time, and probably lean more towards iso-shoving. The reason I said the stacks of the other people are relevant, is that I think as played, you can just fold and still have plenty of chips to play the bubble assuming the solid BB has a good hand and it holds up.

  8. Let's say that you were in the same situation as AD. You see a friend of yours who is maybe going to make it to the WSOP main event. He is a poker player so he obviously like to play and you notice that because the TD said the tourney was going to finish in X amount of hands that if he folds he will make it. Now knowing your friend likes to play poker and mixed with how drunk he is you see that he will probably still play and most likely finish in 3rd. So you kindly tell him that hey you should fold every hand to make sure you make it to the WSOP and don't worry anymore about this tourney. He says yeah that's a great idea and you are stoked that your friend has now made it to the WSOP.I don't know about you but in a charity tourney with that on the line I might have done the same thing as AD.Just Sayin...
    First off, it's Steve Dannenman, I'm pretty sure he can afford it himself.Second, just because it's a nice thing to do doesn't make it any less against the rules.
  9. seems fine. playing low stakes stud is kind of hard to play without a read, because people sometimes will just go crazy in that guys spot with like split 4s or a hidden pair no matter what it is. It'd be hard to put him no wired aces because MP had an ace, but its certainly possible. I'd say he has two pair on 6th when he hit his open tens, and I think you have to call on 6th with 12 outs for better two pair, and two additional for trips. On 7th you probably have to pay-off unless you can be positive he never bluffs there. who knows, he might have had like 3 clubs or a 4-straight and just went nuts. Actually, I might have folded on 7th, I just can't see you having the best hand any of the time, his hand plays so much like he started off with a pair or rolled up, but I dont really know if you can fold on 7th getting like 16-1, basically if he ever bets there with just the tens you probably have to call. But yeah, I think you played the hand well. 6th street is kind of unfortunate but I think you have to call down on 6th and 7th. Bah, i'm pretty bad though, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

  10. My first impression with the hand is that he has the flush draw or a worse ten. It's obviously possible that he has a 7 because of being in the bb and everything, but the play of the hand seems to me like he check his 10 then decided the c/r the late position bet(which could easily be a steal). If I read the post right, Lindgren has a stack of 9200? So he's putting in about a third of his stack on this flop? It just seems to me like a worse ten, or a flush draw, and a small percentage of the time it's a seven. As far as the play of the hand, calling is pretty much out of the question, imo. I don't think calling here is going to freeze him unless we already have him beat, I'm probably pushing. flush draw folds, I'm think A-10 probably folds, and like someone said earlier, you might even have some fold equity versus a bad 7. Verdict: Push.but then again, I'm pretty terrible at poker, so this analysis is probably pretty terrible.

  11. the general consensus that im getting hereis that most of you go by 'feel' of the game rather than a set limiti no its probably the best way to go but as i mentiond earlier i dont think that strategy works for meim going to go with playing a pre determined time when winning and allwoing myself no more thn 2 buy ins for sessionthank you all for you advice, much appreciatedgood luck at the tables
    I stop-loss amount is definitely an ok thing to use when you're losing, especially if you know that you tend to play worse, and have less confidence when you are losing. I think setting a limit when you are winning, though, is a mistake. I think if you are winning and are in a good game and are playing well, then you should keep playing as long as those conditions still exist. If you start to play bad, then quit, but if you can keep going, then why limit how much money you can win?
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