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  1. Regardless of all this, these are the facts: O & A are the number 1 show on the planet (Over 25 Cities and Growing). Regardless of what some FCP people say or even that Ole Gag Howard Stern Rip-Offs. I listened religiously to both shows and they are nothing alike (And I'm highly informed). Tim
    FACT = Opie and Anthony Drool - Don & Mike Rule
  2. Would you little trolls ...Getting the stupid joke acounts to stop starting threads would probably help tooI know one of you is going to flame me and say I dont need to start a thread for this. Well, it needs to be said, the forum has turned in to complete trash lately.
    see, he was flaming on about joke acounts
    If I were a mod, I'd ban someone just for +1 entries.then I'd kill their familiesnot sure why anyone creates an account just to do that.
    I used my account ( hint, I'm not Dave Foley ) to + 1 him ... Irony ? Humor ? - -- - Well, guess not if I have to explain it. I'll just go kill myself, then kill my family . :club:
  3. If they were smart ? - - - 87.7 Million in rake on one of the events / $75.6 Million paid out in the prize pool ... Ohhhhhh They're smart. but if he won there's not enough good will to make that donation up ...+ He's manager of greenlight , a huge hedge fund - he wipes his A$$ with million dollar bills + he's gained some fantastic press for a great cause where he sits on the board of directors ... :club:

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