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  1. Do you think the negative aspect of his comment was that he literally didn't know the name of a particular president, or that he grouped the entire Middle East under the label of whatever-whatever-stan which demonstrates his lack of interest, knowledge, and deep thoughts about that all important area?(I mean, was that not obvious, or did you actually think the problem was not knowing a particular leader's name...?)
    I understand what you are saying, but please answer my question.
  2. I think the difference is that Obama did have some Legislative History at the State level and his brief time in the Senate and since he did think he was a threat to actually win he worked to learn about things like foreign affairs that he didn't have much experience in.No question Obama as a younger man when he ran for President didn't have the experience of somebody who would be older with a longer time to gain experience.
    Also, fwiw, those are the type of people I think we need. Ones who don't have the old guard mentality. Some things answer themselves, other you can bring in advisors who's expertise is in that field, etc.
  3. Cain is a self made man and I respect that but nothing in his history suggests that he has the background in Economics, Foreign Affairs or understanding how govenment works to be the President. I don't think in his wildest dreams he thought he could be a threat to win the nomination and he's run his campaign assuming that he wouldn't be.
    Not that I disagree with you here, but neither did Obama.
  4. do you think women talk about penis size a lot? like lets say that i recently had relations with a woman (ha!) and she was out the next day with her friend(s). if she told them about the sex would their line of questioning be: (1) how was it? (2) is he big? and when she says, bad and small, where does it go after that? does he have a job at least? is he funny?
    I don't think they do. I only think it comes up if it's abnormal on either side of the equation.
  5. Well, looks like Shake is never posting here again. My wife has started to record this garbage, because she cannot not watch anything that has vampires, witches, werewolves, etc. I made her turn it off the other night. It's hideous. Also, this woman has not aged well:natasha-henstridge-main.jpg
  6. oh, and half way to work this morning, I got the idea in my head that I might not have closed the garage door. I tried to fight it off, but then did the math on how long it'd take me to work off (at my current pay) whatever could be stolen in those three hours. I turned around and checked it at the expense of being 10 minutes late. I mean, of course it was closed, but the thought was going to drive me nuts between 9-12.
    Is there a lot of tractor implement theft in Kansas?
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