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  1. I apologize in advance, the converter site isn't showing up. Did I make the right raise preflop? Should I have raised him on the flop or turn?Cash Game - .10/.25Dealt to Hero: Ad, AhVillian 1 calls.Hero raises to $.75Villian 2 calls $.75Villian 3 (bb) calls $.50Villian 1 callsFlop: Kd, 3h, 7dVillian 3 checks.Villian 1 bet $1Hero calls $1Villain 2 folds.Villain 3 folds.Turn: TcVillian 1 bets $2Hero calls $2River: 7cVillian 1 bets $5.25Hero raises to $13Villian 1 folds.

  2. Here we go , another guy who thinks they are good enough to not put all their money in 65/35.let me guess u fold AK vs QJ :club:
    Don't get me wrong, I'll take 65/35 all day but I mean, he had a pair of 6's. With a 7 kicker. Not something I'll trap with too often.
  3. It's so strange....seeing Hoyt receiving beats rather than giving them. Although I HATED his check on that flop. He's only a 65/35 favorite, which isn't very good odds to trap someone for all their chips.I agree though, good show. I personally like Mark Seif's announcing. I've always wondered, in the WPT, when Mike Sexton and VVP are announcing on site, if the players ever hear them talking.

  4. Simple, someone else's hole cards. You would never get bluffed. You would know when to lay down your monsters. You would know how good their hand is and how much they'll pay you off. You would never make a -EV decision.Although, I wouldn't mind knowing the board either. But if I had a choice, it would be someone's cards.

  5. I am a big fan of pokerstars, but decided to give fulltilt a try. Just played probably my second tournament ever on fulltilt, the 150+13 double stack 22k guaranteed and the filthiest **** ever happened.A9s UTG blinds 40/80 raise to 240 one caller. Flop AQ10 i check he bets 570, i raise to 1400 he reraises all in for 945 more I call he has A7 clubs Q of clubs out there, running clubs. ok i recover get back to a little less than the starting amount of 3k, blinds still 40/80 have KTc guy doubles it to 160 3 people in front of me call i call. Flop KT2 all spades checks around to me i bet 300 guy doubles it i call. Turn K i check he bets i go all in he calls with AJ spades. Fine i win..... river Q OF SPADEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS. i lose in the first hour and will never play an FT tourny ever again...maybe not ever
    <inserting standard poker saying>"You got your money in with the best of it, that's all you can hope to do."Honestly, I can't really blame either of these guys much for calling. The one dude had the nut flush and the other guy flopped top pair I guess. I would get more upset if someone called my all in with just A2 of clubs on a flop of KsQc6s when I have KQ of clubs and he gets runner clubs to win. Not that it happened to me recently, or anything. :club:
  6. Well, I deposited about a week ago and received this email from them:Hi, Thanks for the deposit confirmation. I look forward to adding your deal to our database as soon as Full Tilt gets back to me. All the best,TanyaRakerebate.netHaven't heard anything since and sent an email 2 days ago to no response to see if everything went alright. Is this normal? First time using Rake Back

  7. Anyone else playing in the 24+2 19K guarantee? Started off flopping 2 sets and building my stack to 5k within the first 5 hands but after losing with KK to A10 (AI preflop) and QQ to AJ (AI post flop when dude flopped Jacks and rivered the third). Down to 1080 chips and just lookin for a hand to doub up on.

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