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  1. Speaking of tells, tonight when I was playing at the casino there was one fish that lost 3 HU hands to me. He was so frustrated and could not understand why I called him each time. His tells where so obvious, he had at least 5 or more tells that I could count. 1. he was a talker when bluffing. 2. when he talked he mumbled, I can read lips he stated "please don't call me". Such a donkey. 3. He moved all over the place, 4. his colour changed in his face, 5. when he had a good hand he always left a chip on his cards, noticed no chips on his cards each time he bluffed. 6. twitching of thumb. 7. His respiratory rate increased. Saw him after I busted in out in the hallway he asked why I picked on him, I told him he needs to read up on tells so that he would not reveal so many.edit: nothing beats one of Joe's Navarros lectures trust me you want to go to at least one
    You must not like money
  2. When my kids call me with life problems and I'm doing something, it takes me a few seconds to change my thinking and get in their mind frame.When they call me while in a SnG and want to know if they should call an all in with AQ from the cut off I am right at the table thinking about stack size and blinds.
    You need to teach their kids how to play AQ the correct way. Make raises that will earn some respect!
  3. I road on a plane with Hayden Christensen to the Bahamas last year...it was a small plane and one that you walk out to from the airport. As we were walking up the stairs to get on the plane, my little brother was behind me and then it was Hayden. I regret to this day that I didn't turn around and say "I have the high ground, Anakin, don't try it."

  4. lol that's so fing ridic. glad i have almost my entire roll there. srsly wtf, how can they ban ppl for that shit.a bigger wtf is how can they change their toc like that and not give out some courtesy email or w/e. cripes.- Jordan
    for real, how the hell is there no message about this? i can understand not saying "don't go to sharkscope.com or tableratings.com" for fear of more people learn of these sites and use them. but give some sort of hinting that these sites are illegal or something in a message. my god.
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