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  1. the poll itself didn't really contain anything specific other than gender and country.....maybe it would've been better to just ask people to post the specific answers to a bunch of these questions rather than tick poll answers For instance, my hobbies do include sports .....i like watching sports, but as far as playing them, i really only play pool (mind you, it's alot of pool), but i'm not really into going out and playing baseball or football anymore...and occasional i will golf (really really badly). So putting sports as an answer is very very broad.Also, i like alot of the features of FCP...if i didn't i wouldn't be here. I think if you want to know more about someone just ask.....it to me was much easier to type all this out than it was to choose between all the choices in each category...especially the male/female one

  2. Sounds like you're there often Pot...i usually go on sat nights too, just not all that often..about 1 or 2 times every other month.i'm usually the loud annoying chick at the table, but i make it fun so nobody really minds, or at least they dont say anything (or leave). The floor is usually really good on sat nights too, so next time you have a prob, go speak with them. And i have a really good idea of who the dealer probably was, which is unusual for him. (if it is who i think it is) he's usually really good with controlling a table. They have recently been shuffling (lol) dealers from different games into the poker room tho, so it may just be a newbie

  3. I think they should enforce the out of sight rule with them.....maybe not completely ban them but they should not be seen or heard. I mean, life began long before cell phones were invented for most of us and we all survived....Even if the instances of cheating using a cell phone is rare...there is some chance that someone will take the opportunity.

  4. i would seriously have gone to the floor....if not wanting to yell from your seat...walk over to a floorperson and explain the situation calmly..so to not look whiny. They will come over and instruct the table. For the most part...the dealers and floor are pretty good at Windsor..although i've been noticing some of the dealers are not as personable as others.

  5. I remember last year there was a website that broadcast the final table free online. I don't remember the site. There were no hole cards but since i'm in canada and don't have a cable network that offers it....wondering if anyone has any knowledge....

  6. Being from Windsor...i can tell you ...THAT RULE IS POSTED SEVERAL TIMES AROUND THE POKER ROOM. There is one on the wall and one right next to the cage that i know i've seen....probably more but since they've expanded the room i don't know where they've put them all. I would've IMMEDIATELY called the floor..and had the situation taken care of. Alot of people think that poker in a B&M is just a really big home game and they can make up the rules as they go along.

  7. i have to agree with Singer on this one. Although i think he was probably being an azz about it, i really think i would be too. The rule says it can't be out on the table....by taking it out of his pocket during the play of the hand....i think he violated this rule. if he can turn it off without looking at it....he should've done so by sticking his hand in his pocket.But lets start with WHY WAS HIS RINGER ON in the first place? if it's so important to shut it off to not cause a disturbance in the middle of a hand, why didn't he just have it on vibrate or silent to begin with? I personally think they should ban players from having cell phones, even in their pockets altogether during play. The use of cellphones opens up too much opportunity for cheating...i'm not saying this is the case here, but with that much money riding....there is surely someone who will try every advantage they can get.............

  8. From what I could see, none of those guys can cook as evidenced in their very 1st challenge. The "Top Chef" contestants must piss themselves laughing at those guys.Thats why they won't really RUN a restaurant when they win:http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15392437#HKBut it's great entertainment :club:
    I swore i just saw something on tv recently about Michael (season 1 winner) owning his own restaurant. I believe it's somewhere in California....its called something like Tatoo.....but it was some quick blurb...maybe on the news or something, like it just opened. It may have even been on the previews for HK3.I really do think it's funny however, when you look at the actual experiences of the contestants....some of them can't even tell you what half the ingredients are....let alone how to cook with them
  9. i think if you're letting your school "slip" a little over poker, it is a gambling problem....especially if you are letting yourself get so far in debt from school. You really should set your priorities.....you're not going to get that money back from school if you let it slip, you'll only dig yourself deeper. btw...the word you are looking for is LOSE.....not LOOSE. Please...stay in school, you will probably regret it the rest of you life if you don't.

  10. I was never carded in Vegas, I was there for 9 days, and I have the babiest baby face ever. My brother (20 years old) went into Casinos all the time. If they ask you, just reach in your pocket, and say, "****, I don't have it." They'll ask you to leave, and let you keep your money. At least they did to him, several times.
    We go for 10 days every year.....we're there for the pool tourneys, i get carded everytime. I don't really look that young anymore (i don't look my age tho either). But it honestly go so ridiculous, i thought about printing my drivers license on a tshirt so i didn't have to keep reaching in my purse everytime a floorperson came around.they may just ask you to take your money and leave, but they don't have to be that nice.
  11. although i've never been to AC, i have noticed that all the casinos i have gone to are usually really strict with ID. i'm 30something and still get asked at my regular casino, not to mention everytime i turn my head in vegas. I would assume they are the same, especially if you look young. You could try to sneak in and pray you don't get caught or you could wait until you actually turn 21 and go with your friend then. You also have the option of going to Canada where the legal age is only 19. Personally, i wouldn't risk trying to sneak in, you could really hurt yourself in the long run and one night playing poker isn't worth that risk.

  12. personally, i don't play them....i find they don't give you enough time to compensate for a bad run of cards. (and when you see 8-3 os as often as i do...) Also, i wouldn't recommend more than 2-3 tables at a time at least on stars, especially turbos, i hate the way the new screen pushes open and you end up calling something or folding something without realizing its gone to a different table. But whatever your decision...gl

  13. A good rip-roaring table clearing fart is something to stand up and take ownership of....be proud. On the other hand...the person at the table (no offense guys, but i've only seen this in men) who hasn't showered in a month and wears hi karate to cover this fact up....really annoys me. What also annoys me is the idea that no floor person can not approach this person, becuase that would be offensive to him.....so instead he offends the 50 people within noseshot and that's ok. Go figurePS....this IS the funniest thread EVER!!!

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