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  1. I agree. I was excited at the start of the season just to see what he has but I didn't think it was the best move to bring him up so early. Part of me thinks Leyland did it to hopefully have Porcello come out like Verlander did in his rookie season and thus maybe increase his chances at coming back next year. But the other part of me realizes that there was no one else that deserved that call up after spring training except him so I guess you had to give him a shot. If Willis or Bonderman were ready to go I don't think he gets on the opening day roster. I hope as soon as Bonderman does get back that Porcello is the one sent down instead of Miner. But it would not surprise me if it does end up Miner getting the boot. He already got it once this season.
    i like porcello personally. i think he's very talented and am not surprised at the tigers keeping him up. i like the fact that leyland only gives him 5 innings or so of work, i think it's good experience for him and he's doing very well with it.i can't wait for some of the bigger bats to heat up a little. maggs, placido and grandy will most likely be bat .300 for the season. i'm pretty excited so far this season. And i think it can only get better.
  2. i wasn't all that surprised with the outcome. Both chefs were pretty equal going in, winning almost the same number of challenges and neither of them really got yelled at too often.

    i think danny's win was well deserved because not only did he have a better team...he commanded his kitchen much better. He was truly a better leader. i think paula is going to be a great chef and i was surprised that ramsay didn't offer her a job on the spot.

  3. it is sid waddell and he actually did alot of 9-ball coverage with jim wyche(?) when the world championships were held in cardiff. I guess I just assumed he was a billiard commentator because of it. Not that he had alot of knowledge of the game, but because he seemed natural in that position. I have seen him do darts as well, they still give us the world dart championships, just no longer any snooker. There is a Canadian and a US BBC channel and neither of them show sports (kind of depressing really).As for snooker, I personally could watch it for hours, unfortunately, I'm probably the minority in NA. Since the 9ball boom, the slow deliberate play of snooker is no longer appealing to a viewing audience of recreational players. Pretty much like stud has lost it's appeal because of NL holdem.

  4. unfortunately, even in Canada, this isn't televised like it used to be. I remember back in the day (before the 9-ball boom) the only televised billiards we watched was snooker. They closed the last place to play snooker in the city about 3 years ago. Its really a shame that it's a dying game. If there is anywhere on the web to watch outside of the uk, i'd appreciate the link. Is Sid commentating this year? I can never understand a word he says. It's not his accent, it's his constant use of uk slang and metaphors. Nothing he says makes sense to north american people. I'm usually glad when jim is there to translate.

  5. since your app't is on the 20th are u coming down sunday and staying over or jsut coming over on monday and going straight there? I'm off of work both days, but sunday is my singles league playoffs, starts about 4. If you want to pop out there, its not far from the casino (as is nothing in windsor) and i can give you fool proof directions. I am however the only girl in my league, (and usually the only girl around). If you're not coming down till monday, let me know what your schedule is like that day. I'm free till like 7 when i have to be back at the pool hall for our prize pickup. (hopefully i'll be rich) Let me know what's going on and we'll definately set something up.

  6. first off, her name is andrea, not angela..and she's a terrible chef!! By terrible, i mean she couldn't pay me to go into her restaurant. She seems to be after everyone, definately trying to sabotage everyone else's service so that there is a smaller amount of focus on her blatant mistakes. She's always trying to look like the hero, when in fact she's the villian. I definately think the prize is up for grabs with either danny or paula but that's about it. I actually thought that giovanni had a small chance until last week but those were definately my final 3. I can't see anyone but those 2 winning since pretty much everyone else sucks large. I do however like robert, he's entertaining in his candids and ben's at least funny in the kitchen.

  7. glad you are feeling well rose. A friend of mine has had the same procedure done, she also went to michigan (just because the waiting list here was sooo long). When she went tho, it was really tough for her to get the gov't to pay (she had to attend hearings with ohip and really fight to have it paid for) but its been a few years and she looks awesome. Make sure you do your shakes, they are really important (and they will be the only things you will probably be able to keep down for a while) I would also suggest doing everything the doctors recommend, pretty much right to the letter. Even if you're feeling up to trying something you havent' had in a while, don't do it until you have the ok (trust me, it's not pretty). If you have any questions, i'm sure i can get you the answers.I'm actually kinda shocked you're home and up and about already...she was in the hospital for a week and i remember her not really feeling great for the most of it.(which is probably why they didn't release her sooner). So its really a good sign that you're in good spirits.

  8. nice sir! next time i go to windsor can we hang out?
    we definately need a windsor night!! (lord knows i've tried a hundred or so times) maybe the fmotm can bring them in.fitz, you definately gotta come back. congrats silky!! this deserves a beer if i ever actually run into you.
  9. read anything by tom robbins, definately a different kind of humour and really entertaining. I suggest starting with "skinny legs and all" You definately need an open mind because the first few chapters of any of his books i've read are like wtf?, but he's definately awesome.

  10. i'd love to do something like this, unfortunately, my schedule is so busy. With the flucuation of work hours i just can't commit to being online at a given time every day/week. Although the pool season is almost over and in about a month this would be perfect.

  11. like i said, the shoes with every outfit at least give a chuckle (i didn't think they still made those ones)and i found this, i agree, that should be on ppv...think a lot of ppl would watch even for say $99.99[From The National Enquirer print version, March 23, 2009]Here's an idea for a new reality show - let's have these two locked in a kitchen for a week and just let them beat the hell out of each other! The winner gets to keep the title of "U.K.'s crankiest chef." Once they get tired of the fighting, maybe they'd make some amazing dishes. I'd call it "Kitchen Cage Match."
    now this would be good!!Although white seems pretty laid back and not cranky enough. my money is on gordon. Let the frying pans fly!!
  12. i feel so old hearing you guys were just being born while i was listening to some of that music.AUS -The Night Chicago Died by Paper LaceUS -I Honestly Love You by Olivia Newton JohnUK -Annie's Song by John Denver

  13. Don't worry Nik, I feel the exact same way about Rush. I think liking Rush is a guy thing.
    not necessarily true, i love rush...and last time i checked, i'm definately a woman, i think.yep definately a girl.but i'm canadian so that could be a big part of it.
  14. in canada they showed the UK version of hell's kitchen hosted by this guy. He worked with B-list and washed up celebrities from the UK none of which knew how to cook. Needless to say, the show was nothing like hell's kitchen, pretty lame and well, pathetic. Now he is actually trying to bring another restaurant show from the UK to the US. (this is actually alot like Last restaurant standing) I typically love these types of shows, but this guy is just not good enough to do them. He really doesn't have enough personality.

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