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  1. what's even worse is this guy will probably win some sort of settlement and they will pass some absurd law after it. Casinos will be forced to post warnings and probably have to track people's play like never before. I thought it was sad when all companies were forced to put "caution HOT" on coffee cups after the woman burnt herself. Honestly, if my coffee ISN'T hot we have a problem. I can't believe that with as strict as US law seems to be on some levels, it's ridiculously lax on so many others. The biggest get rich quick scheme in the US, is to find a way to blame some large corporation for your own stupidity and sue for billions, i'm actually kind of jealous. Lawyers in most countries wouldn't even be able to concieve a case in some of these situations and if they did, courts wouldn't waste time/money on hearing them.

  2. i don't know what i thought of the washburn trade, i mean, at first i thought it may have been a good trade on paper, but i didn't think we needed to add to the rotation (although, by all accounts we didn't give up too much). I really don't understand why they would've picked up somebody who they knew was injured, from what i've heard, this has been a persistant injury all year. (there is nothing wrong with a girl who listens to sportstalk radio constantly). with that in mind, it's was only a matter of time before his knee completely went.i wish they would've picked up huff b/f the TD. The fact they have him down the stretch but not for the playoffs is sad. He's definately proving to be a decent bat that can be a good p/h option.good to see nate have a decent outing last weekend. they definately need a 4th starter for now, hopefully he can continue to stay healthy and help out. I'd love to see them go to a 3 man rotation right now. I don't get the concept of MLB "babying" pitchers nowadays. 5 man rotations and limiting pitch counts is absurd, honestly. i see the reasoning behind it, but when you look at the greats of yesterday and the longevity of them, it makes me wonder why they would be trying to hold them back. Complete games are things of the past, its amazingly rare to see a pitcher go a full game, no matter how great he's throwing. With the advance in training methods, i would think pitchers would be more inclined to last longer, not have to rest as much and still be better.

  3. I supposedly has every game from every console made before 2000, so I would think Donkey Kong would be on there. If you have the cartridge you can upload it into the system as well. I am getting one for sure. Going to call them tomorrow!
    i went through the list of games they had, there were a bunch of pre-2000 video games i didn't see there. I'm sure most of the ones that i could think of, would probably be pretty hard to find.
  4. Damn I was just going to post that there were 10 in NYC according to the website.I am still going to post though to get my at bat.We have a TH about a mile from my house. The drive thru is open 24 hours and I always wondered about getting donuts at 3am but never have.
    donuts are usually "fresh" at about 4:30 am. ( i worked midnights at one for about a year) i would definately wait till about then.
  5. first of all, tim horton's is a coffee shop COFFEEEEEEE that is what you should be ordering there. I'm not big on sandwiches and if i want one, i would go to a place that makes mainly sandwiches (although i used to love the chicken salad from tim's but they changed something and it's definately not as good.) Their soup is pretty good, (in fact, their cream of broc is awesome) but summer isn't really a soup time (wait till mid jan).

  6. jewelery is always good, especially if you think she's the "one"...it will always hold a senitimental value for her. take her out to a nice dinner, maybe some flowers and a nice necklace or bracelet will make her happy. also more of the safe optionyou said she introduced you to snowboarding...is there anything from your past you introduced her to?when i was dating my husband, he started me playing pool. For a birthday one year, he bought me my first cue. Maybe there is an activity/hobby that you brought to the relationship that she needs equipment/supplies for.regardless, take her out somewhere nice and make her feel super special. No matter what you get her, she'll appreciate you're effort. if you completely airball, show her this thread so she'll know just how hard you tried.

  7. working for a livinggotta agree with the whole tatoo thing, excessive piercing too...wait till they find out that the holes never really go awayi could actually go on and on about a bunch of fads that seem utterly ridiculous but i'm sure my parents said the same thing when i was 16

  8. sigh** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to KevinJA8FCP [Ac 7h]KevinJA8FCP: raises 6235 to 7835 and is all-intakeitall704: folds neatfreak: folds Dr Luknee: folds roya_ bluff: folds X-RAY999: folds zen_realized: calls 6235*** FLOP *** [2s 2d Jc]*** TURN *** [2s 2d Jc] [4d]*** RIVER *** [2s 2d Jc 4d] [2c]*** SHOW DOWN ***zen_realized: shows [4h Td] (a full house, Deuces full of Fours)KevinJA8FCP: shows [Ac 7h] (three of a kind, Deuces)zen_realized collected 17520 from pot*** SUMMARY ***shipping $2.16, ty sir
    i'm a ma'ambut keep it, win some with it.gg
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