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    www.off-topic.com is the best offtopic forum EVER!
  2. teneight

    The Hideout

    wowow ..my wish is to bang shana once before I die
  3. well it works. i did it to every one my phone book. my sisters phone rang at 7:30am because it woke me up as well
  4. teneight

    The Hideout

    hey everyone. morning.anyone up for some poker on FCP? play money? teneight btw, I love the shana pics!!!!!!
  5. wow what the fuck happened? i was pretty high last night. anyways did anyone one try the wake up call thing???
  6. please don't tell me they are going to ban me fore this? i havent posted anything that is "ban-worthy" in this thread
  7. 'hahhaaa same here. i'm still a big high and all those made me laugh for hours!!!
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