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  1. When you find the video of her in the yellow shirt, can you post the link, please? Gracias
  2. If I hear "to be the best... you must train with the best" one more time...
  3. I wanted to know the size of England's coastline, because, well, I thought it was a rather large one. This is what I got:How long is England's coastline? The answer is: It depends on the size of your ruler. Mandelbrot described this in an aricle written for Science (the magazine)in 1967. Like the Koch Snowflake, measuring a perimeter can be tricky.A gross estimation of a coastline obtained by flying up and down the coast will give one figure while a surveyer using a 30 meter line will get another. Imagine someone using a magnifying glass and tweezers to make the measurment and you get the poi
  4. HahaUmmm, well, no. Get to the point where you have the same physique.
  5. Is it gay to check out a topless guy in the gym locker room? Just admiring his physique and contemplating how you're going to get to that point?
  6. "Gambling is illegal at Bushwood sir, and I never slice." -Seeing the quote and hearing the delivery are two worlds apart. So sickies, whaaaat's happenin. I passed my series 7 and am the 66 away from being an Investment Banker. Just sounds so much better than "Card dealer at illegal poker room"All I have to say is that after a 3 year hiatus, MisterB is back. *Big Belt Buckles not includedGood luck today at the interviews Clint and what's funnier than dead babies? Dead babies wearing clown costumes.
  7. I mean why, oh why did I miss this exchange? Really. Always pull out, always. And even that's not effective. The comment about not letting her drive my car was funny. And to add to the discussion, I think you should always aim for the sheets. It's rude and very dirty to finish on a girl. S000000 did anyone ever find out why a 24 yr old walks into a weight room and double taps the head football coach?
  8. That's one of those things you've thought about, but never really thought you'd see.
  9. Isn't this a bad beat for somebody?
  10. If he's 12 then you're 5. Whhaaammmmmbbulllannceee is coming. Seriously, no bad beats? hahaha. That's funny, that's what that is. Funny.
  11. I still can't believe the under came in. Ty Jake Delhomme. I owe you at least 1 of my 10x I was up yesterday. Today is straight Black and Blue.
  12. For the first time in my life I switched a bet. Ever. And I hope I'll never do it again. I saw that it was going to rain during pre-game and they talked about all the injuries to Tenn so I called my guy and switched both TENN to BAL. This was a horrific idea even though I won. It's not going to matter on the parlay though, Az is going to cover the over by 9:03 in the 3rd. And that was a sick sick sick play by LF. +2x BAL
  13. haha, that was a long time ago. I'm a shadow of my former self, and at times look at my name and can't believe I was ever narcissistic enough to call myself "MisterB".I had a pretty serious g/f for a while, and it was going well, then it didn't work out. Happens. Actually, I'm thinking about what Adam said the other day about getting laid more in the last year and a half being a dick than he did in 10 years being nice and gentlemanly, makes me think about going back to that attitude. No popped collars though. Ever. But I did have a great hotel scene over looking Times Square from our room
  14. Just curious what you do for Chile night? Usually, I like to eat chili and talk about South American countries during mine.
  15. Yeah, because I really made it clear that I truly believe that's what it is. I think the whole "I had a weird thought..." really gave that away. But beans truly is DNs polar opposite.
  16. So, sitting here browsing on a Saturday, I had this really weird thought. What if Beans is DN, and DN is Beans? He has a whole team of MS Paint wizards locked in his basement, just pumping pics out for him, per requests sent on aim hoping for the solitary chance they may get to see him once a quarter for a quick bj or something. The distaste for each other is blatant, and abundant. Beans is like DNs ultimate alter-ego. Kind of like DNs Tyler Durden, everything DN wants to be but can't. It would be kind of funny, and it's also why no one ever really messes with the thread. Airplane tick
  17. I really don't know what the rest of the country is doing, but I'm pretty sure everyone I have talked to (12) "LOVES" Carolina tonight. So, going with the theme of the thread, I went the other way. And because I hate money, I went ahead and picked TENN -3 as well. 2x ARIZ +9.52x TENN -31x Ariz Tenn Ariz (under) :I told you, I hate money:What does the rest of the country think of the CAR/ARI game?
  18. Hey Thank you!It's always nice to know you share a bday with someone named JasonDyke
  19. Talked to my book today, and he told me that 99% of people were on board with the colts. If that isn't the definition of a "contrarian" bet, I'm going to have to re-read all 7 pages. Not happy about that.
  20. They went to Venice for their honeymoon. I hope everything with your pops is alright.
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