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  1. Thanks for the answer. Yes I can't find the hand but I raised 3xbb. I just think that these people make big deposits and have money to spend. I' ll try not to be emotional at least because after that I stopped being tight and lost many chips.

    Next time I post in bad bets I just thought it wasn't a bad bet from my side, he was just a lucky donk.

  2. Tournament $10.50 NL Holdem Super-Knockout


    I have AA, early position, blinds are 50-100. I raise to 150. The guy after me re-raises to 600.(He has 9.000$, I have 20.000$) Everyone folds. I reraise to 1000. He re-raises to 2000.I'm all-in.He calls. He has 5-6 offsuit!

    Flop 5-5-6-Q-2


    I know AA doesn't always win but what were those reraises about??

    Same tournament, some donk reraises me earlier he has 9000 I have like 2500 I call with Jacks. flop came lower cards I'm all in he calls with 9-2 (flop had nth to do with 9 or 2) and I double up!! I refuse to believe those are real people behind the computer!

    I post these because my good hands keep mucking by those idiots all the time, but in tournaments with more expensive buy-in I made it to the last table because there was serious play. But I don't have the bankroll to play in those, only by satellites. So how could I win in tournaments like this one if people play like that? By luck?

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