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  1. Hi Friends,Planning to play Sunday Million, Sunday Warm Up and Spade tourneys today. I will be playing such a major tournament for 3rd time. I played sunday million prior to this and cashed twice out of three times. I am here for advise and preferred strategy to playing such major and large field tournaments. Please feel free to give any advise (Every bit of it will be important). I am really looking forward to your comments.--BestShashank

  2. Bit odd he didnt empty your account. Why were you sending him money in the first place? Staking him into tournaments? Be very careful who you deal with when sending money. A lot of people are untrustworthy.Also I wouldn't mention to support that you were using Teamviewer and he had access to your account. Pretty sure that is against the terms and conditions in some way.
    I just tried to help. he asked me for small amounts, although he plays like donkey i thought he may be in need so just gave it to him. He said he will return but i was prepared its not coming back. I was not staking him into tournaments......i had seen him play....i would quit playing poker if i have to put money on him! I was feeling bad the way he was wasting money so when he was desperately asking me last time i said my monthly transfer limit has exceeded. So he told me that he wants to see my play first hand and he wont disturb me. So i thought its ok besides i will be watching him anyway.Only reason that i can think of is that (why he did not empty my account) he must have been looking at long term benefit or benefit for some time. He must have thought that i wouldn't mind this action of his. I feel sorry for what i did!
  3. Shove the turn and don't see river.On river you're calling 2300 into 6800 so he needs to be bluffing/behind ~25% or more of the time for this to be a call. Completely player dependent and very close regardless. A normal range here is going to be pretty polarised between big diamond hands and bluffs. Combination wise there are probably enough bluffs vs Ad,Kd,Jd to make the call.I don't think you can rule out much from a player who plays a hand this way, you say he can't have a 9 then later you say the river shove looks like a 9. The fact he shows up with 94 here suggests he could play a ton of fairly random holdings in this manner.But seriously, no need to see this river, put him all in on the turn.
    I really wanted to do that but i was little confused to go all in after my re-raise being called and turn being a diamond.
  4. Hi would u call this Bad call?HandHere is my explanation why i calledHe just limped preflop....i dint want that so i raised +limper pre-flop. He flat called. On the flop he made a bet of 300. I had top pair and top kicker. such tiny bet would have looked like a trap to me if board was all diamonds. Two pair not possible. I would not expect him to call my preflop raise with Q and rags in flop. I do think he could have a diamond draw so make a very high re-raise. He flat called to me. I dont expect someone drawing to call m with such low stack unless he/she is absolutely donkey. He checks the turn. I am wondering someone calling me with just a draw post flop is absolutely donkish. He cannot have a Q if he has a flush draw and nor can he have 9. So did he just play till here with Ad3d? He must have hit something on board. I put him on 9x with one diamond or on a set which i did not take into account. so i check back after him to avoid bleeding in confusion. On river he shoves it in. Now why would u do that with 4 diamonds on board. Either you have very high diamond or u are insane. A person with set would ideally try to maintain balance between value and risk here. All in looks to me like i just have a 9 and i want you to fold while checking the turn and min betting and then flat calling on flop. I take my time and decide to call given the pot odds and he playing that hand like a donkey. I do accept that lowest diamond could have been worse for me but i went by my instincts and thought process. Want to know if anyone else thinks like me or if you have any suggestion/comments.--BestShashank

  5. Hi Friends i would like to caution you all on below. Please do not let someone fool you like this :club: please don't make fun of me. I just tried to help someone.***********************************************************************************************************Hi,At the outset i would like to mention that this email is not to point a mistake at your side but just to update you regarding this and also to check if my money can be recovered if it has not been wasted.I made friends with a guy named gabitzuX from Romania on one of the final tables. He was very good in talking me into being best of buddies and help him with poker. He really wanted to learn and watch me play so after much denial i accepted to let him have teamviewer access and watch me play directly. During this time he kept asking me for money and i kept transferring it to him (thinking he was my buddy). Although i disliked how he was wasting it, i kept transferring small amounts. I was really tired after long overnight session and back to back tournaments. I was barely managing to keep myself awake. But somehow i fell asleep and missed to disconnect the teamviewer session. Towards the end of this session he transferred 20$ to himself. I really dislike this because of two things.

    1. He broke my trust by accessing my cashier and transferring money without my consent. Although it is lame on my part to have allowed him this situation and that 20$ is not such a big amount, this was still very unethical on his side.
    2. He did this in my absence in literal terms. He did not even care to leave a message on messenger or on email. This is like absconding.

    I am thankful that it was only 20$ but i am sure it could have been more. I am not sure if this was due to monthly transfer limit.Is it possible that you could caution fellow players about this. I am sure this can happen to anyone. Also can you cancel the transfer and re-route it to my account if it has not been used already.***********************************************************************************************************(I sent this email to support)Please do let me know if my thinking is right and i am not being a jerk by mentioning his name publicly and writing what i wrote in this email. Don't want to defame anyone for such a small amount. But i feel scared imagining what he could have done to my bankroll. I am thankful he did not play any games from my account.--BestShashank

  6. With the big pairs you really want to be heads up, but I dont think you gave yourself an opportunity to get a side pot started by just smooth calling the all-in with the opportunity for the opener to come over the top. If you cant beat the shorty, why not break even against another player. I dont do this all the time, but mix it up enough depending on the opponent.AJ is tough to play here, so yes, try to get heads up or just fold it away. Why bet and why such a large bet on Turn? You did induce a more than marginal play by the opponent, but you really didn't have a made hand at the time either.1010 shove is fine ... just bad result.This was either a really crazy table or these folks give you no credit for your holdings. You are getting other money put in from behind, the deck is just not working out for you in this session. How many hands do you play per orbit?
    My VP is usually around 20 to max 30%. I had played about one20 hands (sorry i had to spell "one" cz of my hot keys). Quite frankly i was on tilt after hand A and was desperate to get it back. That was my biggest mistake preflop with AJ. But what happened after flop was disaster. I never expected that call given the hand. I usually play in position and dont really feel bad folding AK off out of position. I have been having really bad suckouts from past 3 days and need to find my rhythm back desperately. Any advice is more than appreciated.--BestShashank
  7. Okay in all seriousness. You did nothing wrong on this hand. Online poker isn't rigged, you don't lose everytime you have AA or KK. You're just remembering the time where you bubbled a tournament with AA. There's literally not one thing you could have done differently.You have the ****ing nuts on the flop. Don't ever consider folding this even if you are on the bubble of any tournament, no matter the buy in.Sorry it didn't work out, but for god sakes this hand has no strat value whatsoever.
    Got you. But still i would ask you one more time. Do you think if i went all in pre-flop maniac would have folded? Would you recommend that play?Shashank
  8. It's an interesting dilemma. Personally, I believe each site has computer software to give some players the "Run Bad" as some young kids say. There's too many instances where you call go all in with your pocket cowboys only to be up against some donks ace rag and they hit an ace on the flop and you're walking out the door wondering what the **** just happened. Or, you go browse porn to cool down. Personally, I believe online sites grant players who play recklessly better luck since it generates more rake for them and it's all about $$$, always the $$$. I rarely get out of line with AA or KK anymore and accept an all in before the floop. I know I can get away from a flop no matter my chip stack with AA if the board isn't right.
    so let me ask u. if u were in my place....how wd u play this hand.....preflop and going forward.
  9. Hi All,I am new here and hope to learn a lot along the way. Few issues i have had with my play lately is Playing Monsters.Every time i get AA or KK i run into confusion whether to slow play and trap or to be protective/aggressive. I am not sure how many of you will agree but 90% of the times or 9 out of 10 times i have tried to trap with monsters i have had bad beats. Its not that i keep checking and wait for villain to bet. This how i usually try to playSlow Play Trap:I would try to raise so much so that i can isolate to one or at max two callers if i am out of position. If i have the button i usually call the raise with one raiser and one limper or re-raise to isolate the limper. If the flop is scary (chances of Flush Draw or a Straight Draw) i would go super aggressive and would either bet pot size or may be higher if i have higher and more than 50BB. if I am short or less than 20BB i would push with all my stack after flop. If flop is rainbow and nothing more than bricks i would check and bet on turn and river.AggressiveI would re-raise 3 times the BB or original raise and if i am sure that the villain has not hit a set i would try to get all the chips in on turn. If the flop is scary i would go all in.Quite frankly i have had extreme bad luck with slow play. I have taken so many bad beats that i have started hating monsters. This was my recent bad beatTournament: 3.5$+R 180 Players MTTLast 19 Players remaining tournament is Hand for HandI had about 70K stack and was running 5th. Blinds were 3.5K/7KI was at cutoff and chip leader/tournament leader with a stack of around 140K raises to 15KI re-raised with AA (none of them was heart) to 31500 (I wanted to trap this maniac)He waits about 8 seconds and flat calls.Flop: Ac 2h 8hManiac moves all inI put my thinking hat onVillain has Ax and he hit his A or both A and xhe has been min raising every hand pre-flop for last 5 hands. All folded to him. He flat called me. He could have Ax but chances of him hitting an Ace and me hitting a set pretty low. Even if he had an ace and he hit two pair i am way ahead and he is not going to improve. I decided if i am right he is just trying to push me off the pot.Villain is on Ace High flush Draw or flush drawIf he has Ace high flush draw he could possibly push like this. With his stack similar thought would cross my mind on the bubble when first prize is 542$. With around 77K in the pot and his all in (Pot was now around 115K). There are chances that he has Ax flush draw as he just flat called pre-flop and is going all in now. He has a piece of flop and can really improve. Best piece was Ace. So i finally convinced myself that he has Ace high flush draw. But i have a set of Ace. He has 9 outs to make flush and i have six outs to make full house plus i am way ahead at this time. Also If i win the pot i will be the chip leader. So i decided to call.Turn comes Qd and the river is a 6h.I kept looking at the window for like 10 minutes. I just could not believe that happened to me yet again with aces and i was the bubble boy when i should have finished well within the money.I know i will get comments like bad beat and like forget and look forward. But this has happened to me so many Mfkin times that i cannot stop myself from noticing. I am so hit by such hands that i am scared to play Aces and Kings in pocket.Any words of wisdom or inspiration are most welcome. Please don't tell me my initial raise was bad.......I opened my hand description by saying i wanted to trap that maniac!--BestShashank

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