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  1. I loathe school! Four years of expensively loafing through BU left a rough impression. Amusingly, I didn't take one math class in those whole four years. But, you're right. That is something I should consider.

  2. From some low-level investigations into the various honeypot positions my fellow treasurers employ, it seems like the only way to get into the 200k range is to get a cushy spot on a county retirement board, or a health group, or something similar, while also handling a town, and just not giving a shit about the majority of your duties on any of them, as they all mostly handle themselves. While I'm sure I'll be able to achieve that level of emotionless commitment in time, it's going to be at least a decade. Plus, actually getting those positions involves mild campaigning and glad handing, of which I'm not very astute. My more realistic foray is into a Finance Director in a big town, in the 125k range, but lacking a Masters, and having only an inapplicable degree in communications, I may have to be happy where I'm at, which should hit 100k in the next five years.

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  3. Once the show passed him and started to do whatever it wanted, it felt like a clean break, a parallel universe. They're fully two separate entities, and only one of them is definitely going to have an ending. Hell, Winds of Winter may never come out.


    I have been slowly rewatching the last couple months, and aside from the Ramsay storyline, it is a great fucking show.

  4. Scruggs, on Netflix by the Coen's, was pretty good. I watched it more as a short-series, but a couple of the stories are really great.


    I watched Thunder Road last night. I didn't love it, but there's some appeal there. Hard to give a short review.


    Venom is decidedly not good, but it wasn't a bad way to spend 100 minutes. Hard to believe it's made $800M.


    Homecoming on Amazon is really good.


    I really liked The Kominsky Method, but it's not for everyone. I'm not sure why I respond to 70+ year old men making mortality and prostate jokes, but I enjoyed the sweetness in it as well.

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