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  1. Your wine takes are fair and balanced. Happy drinking.


    4 hours is too much extra traveling time, but I like that thought process. I'm sure there will be similar opportunities with less time infringement.

  2. It is stupid, but at the same time, you have to learn how to draft any league you join. Would I set up my league in such a stupid, nonsensical way? Only if I wanted to scam my GM's! But you adjust.


    Here's what I came away with:

    Curry - $11

    Kemba - $31

    Oladipo - $18

    Millsap - $19

    Ingram - $15 (a reach)

    Mirotic - $10

    Cauley-Stein - $8

    Olynyk - $5

    Lou Williams - $9

    Chris Paul - $31 (paid $50+ last year for him)

    VanVleet - $2 (took him early as a block on a team w/no money. A waste in the end)

    Taurean Prince - $10

    Wiggins - $9 (by far my best value, even though he's a cancerous, useless player in real life. The man puts up numbers)

    Gallinari - $2 (another "block" gone wrong)


    Ended up with ~$10 left over and could have improved on Van Vleet and Gallo by quite a bit, but if I can acquire a good big man, I'm feeling pretty good. As is, I have 5 of the top ~20 guards. We'll see where it lands me.

  3. The league is weighted stupidly towards big men, and it's head-to-head points. It's bizarre and stupid, but I still enjoyed it. 3 pointers don't count, steal/block/offensive reb all worth 2 points. So, defensive guys and deep threats are insanely unvaluable, while triple-double threats and Andre Drummond are worth way more. Ratios don't matter, unless it's a really bad FT shooter. Last year I mistakenly paid $47 for Nurkic, because I was all yoked up on Jokic, and didn't realize it for about 20 minutes when I saw Jokic's name still available. Then it turned out that Nurkic was a top 50 guy (he should never be!) and it wasn't a horrific overpay.


    Anyways, here's what I'm starting with. $200, roster of 15. PG/SG/G/SF/PF/F/C/C/UTIL/UTIL

    Steph - $11

    Oladipo - $18

    Kemba - $31

    Lou Williams - $9

    Mirotic - $10


    I went back and forth on Jimmy Butler at $38, but who the **** knows what he'll be doing, or where he'll be doing it. I gotta find some bigs, and I can pretty much ignore guards. The other wrinkle is that since it's total weekly points, you get rewarded pretty heavily for depth, being able to send out reliable rotation guys every night of the week.

  4. Got my live auction basketball draft tomorrow night. Last year was the inaugural season. I ended up taking home the trophy. It's a keeper league, with the catch being you can keep anyone you want for $5 more than what you paid. There was a FAAB budget of $200, and any FA you acquired had the same keeper rules. The commish had Curry and Cousins, both of whom were hurt, and both at like $50+ price tags, and wanted to game his own system (like an ass). So in the playoffs, he dropped them both, and since only 3 people were paying attention, and two of them didn't have money, I ended up getting Steph for $6. So this year, coming off a championship, I have a $11 Curry to build around.

  5. I'm not sure what took me so long, but I had a revelation the other day: Dinosaur AIDS.


    Unrelated, but I'm heading to Cali tomorrow evening. Looking forward to touting the 2-year old monster on a plane for 6+ hours. Flight isn't until 6 pm, so hopefully he falls asleep rather quickly. Sister-in-law is having a baby shower. It's...open bar? And well over 100 people. Probably hit Disney on Monday. This is not cheap.

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  6. I think it's been like that since The Lost World, when Malcolm became the returning hero with a daughter in trouble, and the parent T-rex's searching for their stolen baby.


    The weird "make scarier dinos through gene splicing technology" angle has certainly been overused these last two films, which, for a theme that wasn't great to begin with, does not add anything as it gets overplayed.

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