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  1. Howdy strangers!


    Have I told you how much I love this thread? I can look back to my first post in April 2009 when this was just an idea and see how far this idea has come and how everyone here had some input and ideas that helped this league become what it is today.


    Several weeks ago we shot our first league introduction 'commercial' and published it yesterday.


    Would love to hear your thoughts and yes I'm a big boy and can take criticism and redneck comments :)


  2. Should I sort the master Sheet 1 list Alphabetically or something? Been reading some stuff that says to do that?actually, in this example the customerid is alphabetical on sheet 1, just not sheet 2

  3. I'm doing something wrong, I have these in Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 now:Sheet 1 is the master file:http://vvcap.net/db/...CSBOdN2ut47.pngSheet 2 is where I'm putting the VLOOKUP to fill in the AccountRephttp://vvcap.net/db/...HDBJnxtgNUg.pngIt appears to just be putting the accountrep in the same order as on sheet 1 versus actually looking for the customerid and matching the correct accountrep?EDITOooops, here is the code I'm using as wellhttp://vvcap.net/db/XjzG1jXIHApK42fbFxay.png

  4. I couldn't find the existing Excel Help topic so created this one.I think I need a v lookup or if/then type statement I believe? I have one spreadsheet that is constant and has a CustomerID and AccountRep. I have a second spreadsheet that is variable and updated weekly with customer revenue by that same CustomerID in the first spreadsheet. So the 2nd sheet has CustomerID and Revenue and I want to add a 3rd column that automatically reads the first spreadsheet and when it finds the CustomerID it matches and posts the corresponding AccountRep into the 3rd column of the 2nd sheet. Hope that makes sense. I screen capped a fake example to help illustrate: http://vvcap.net/db/...HMt5E6x1rvK.pngThere are about 1,000 customer IDs and only 4 reps if that matters

  5. cancer indeed suckswent to drive inn Friday night and watched Madagascar 3 and Rock of Ages. Both were good. First time in long time hitting up 5 bars in same day on Saturday. Met with new bar Saturday morning for my poker league, ran poker games at my regular bar Saturday afternoon, went to BWW for UFC fight then to another one of my poker bars for a live band and then the 1 - 3 am closer at one of my other poker bars.The Hickens are not moving to Florida :club:

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