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  1. Yo, haven't posted here in ages.The facts are this:Zim loaned me $2,000 on a stake. I lost the money. It happens, was a weird time in my life. I don't feel good about it, but I don't make excuses for it. I didn't have the money when he asked and didn't pay him back when he kept asking because I just couldn't at the time.A lot of time passed and I hadn't thought about it. That's real shitty of me but it's the truth.When I won the tournaments he made a post, and I took care of as quickly as possible. I promise I would have done the same had he contacted me privately. Whether you believe that or not is ok by me, because I probably wouldn't given the history with Zim.I paid him $1,000 insurance which a lot of people thought was crazy, but I really ****ed Zim over and wanted to somehow show that I was really sorry for what I did.People **** up, and what I did made me a bad person. But it was a stake, and that's part of the risk. I tried to remedy this as best I could when he made the 2p2 post.Anyway, I accept full responsibilty for what I did and I believe I have changed a lot from then. I'm still a kid, but I realize the importance of honoring your word.

  2. I'd fuck you too, if you weren't a fascist pig bastard motherfucking robot building Bush banging retard.I love you baby!She had no idea what a POS you were at the time...You're a scumbag. You've borrowed money from countless FCpers and not paid them back. Most of us were just cool enough not to say anything. That can only last so long until people just get sick of your bullshit.Man up and pay up and don't get all indignant on the people who called you out on being less than reliable.
    You're either drunk or stupid. I don't owe anyone here money, if I do it was for a $10 buyin tournament to some weekly army thing. So if thats what it is Michael, I'll send you the $10 I didn't realize I owed you. Actually, Ill send $20 just so you will shut the **** up. And if this is because I criticized your play in a tournament ages ago (which I think has a lot to do with it, because you wouldnt be so upset if I owed you five bucks) then please grow up.As a poker player, having my honor attacked is unacceptable. That's why I went out of my way (when i was busy) to take care of this problem with Zimmer immediately upon hearing it.I've never stolen from ANYONE, and if I owe anyone money, it is nothing more than $5 or $10 and I probably forgot about it. Zimmer is the ONLY person on FCP I have ever accepted a stake from. The only other stake was a propping deal with a businessman where I got ****ed out of my own money.I hope no one else has any problems with me, because this is really annoying.
  3. I had quoted a bunch of stuff for my catchup post but damn people there was just too much to even comment on.Sharon - I love you, have no problem with you and you better not leave.Ivan - hope you decide to come backI dont even know what to say about the rest of the stuff. I truely believe I have several real friends here and I have no intentions of leaving this thread unless the government tells me otherwise next Friday. I know I have lost the respect of alot of people in here, but to be honest the only person I feel I owe any apology or explanation to is my wife and the best way for me to begin rebuilding that bridge is by doing what I have continued to do which is remain silent about everything. I can promise you there have been a number of times where I have wanted to comment, joke, defend, etc, but at the end of the day I realized that doing so didnt mean anything at all and would only make things fester longer. I am glad that everyone has had a chance to speak their mind and hopefully by clensing the pallet so to speak we can all move on to better times. I come to this thread to commune, joke, laugh, and escape. Along the way I have made some amazing real friends and continue to make more as the days go by. I do not want that to change and it makes me very sad to think that a bad decision I made in my life has now effected so many other people. Bleh ok I guess thats all I got to say about that.Bethany played her first softball game tonight and they totally kicked the other teams ass 12-0 when the game was called by Mercy Rule and we still had the bases loaded ready to score alot more. Bethany pitched one inning and got 2 strike outs.
    what a nice post.hang in there partna'
  4. chris, I only said what I was told about the situation and nothing less. All I was doing was looking out for zim. What was the point for me talking to you when I could see you online last night and zim couldn't, how can you explain that. What is mine and zim's deduction supposed to be about the situation. Whatever, it got settled and I just wanted zim to get what was his, and I make no apologies for that
    The correct way to handle it would have been to address me first. You have been around poker way too long to not understand how to handle these situations.If I wasn't a nice or reasonable person, that post could very well have set me off and made me more inclined not to pay.So next time you hear inflammatory gossip about me, especially concerning a finanacial matter, run it by me before you spill it to the world.Thanks!
  5. you're assuming things don't change.she'll give it to you again if she wants you to have it.
    Of course things change. But you are being optimistic for your own sake.Of course she will give me her number. She luvs me.Or you could save me the time, I think she'd want ya to.
  6. A little update on the "drama" surrounding me.Zimmer did stake me, and it was a private deal. But nothing is really private is it? Keith was obviously out of line posting the (incorrect) details of a stake he knows nothing about. This is nothing more than sccholyard gossip.I have been busy as hell the last few weeks and haven't been able to play. Zim thought I had him blocked on AIM, but I just had his screen name entered wrong and he never tried to IM me from someone else. Keith decided to just post that lame **** without talking to me about it first.The second I heard about this I sent Zimmer a transfer. He will confirm it. I'm not a thief. Peace.

  7. Someone help me with the private game thingy, I'm not familiar with this Party feature.
    just go to the .5/1 limit tables and look for the table nameddark bets private tableor PM me your screen name and ill invite youwhere the players at?where is everyone?
  8. Villian is a tad too loose pf and a tad too loose pf and postflop.29/13/1.3Party Poker 5/10 Hold'em (6 handed) FTR converter on zerodivide.cxPreflop: Hero is CO with [Qd], [As]UTG calls, 1 fold, Hero raises, Button 3-bets, SB caps, 1 fold, UTG folds, Hero calls, Button calls.Flop: (14 SB) [Tc], [Qs], [3h] (3 players)SB bets, Hero calls, Button folds.Turn: (8 BB) [6c] (2 players)SB bets, Hero raises, SB 3-bets, Hero folds.Final Pot: 13 BBIs there a better way to play this? Would just calling the first bet on the turn be a better way to lay this?
    29/13/1.3 isnt that loose or aggressive.Im calling down.Raising the turn against a semi-passive player who capped pre-flop when you have one pair is asking for trouble.
  9. can u make pvt 6 handed tables now? I'd rather it be more like 1/2 if we're gonna do this
    1/2 wouldn't bother me but I notice some contributing posters here play .5/1. I am not doing this to make money.If money is the issue, play a couple 5/10 tables while we play.I would hope we would all agree to play our "A" game even if the money is small for us.I know I could.
  10. I don't do this against good players. Actually I let go of this on the flop against good players. This is a situation where your overcard outs must give rise to serious reverse implied odds.However there is a difference between a good player and a TAG multi tabler.A "good" player won't let you get away with this turn ace representation.Depends on the read really.

  11. I said I'd be open to suggestions as to whether the range is too loose. Obviously it makes it highly subjective because we probably all have different interpretations of what the average villain's opening standards are. It also depends on how often we think the average villain is aware of isolation, which will increase his opening standards even more if the limper is a live one.The fact is, though, that even if we shrink the opening range down even more from there, our fold equity after our flop c/r is pretty tremendous against a decent amount of an average villain's hand range.So yes, it's open to interpretation. With a 15% opening range, INEC. As we shrink it more, c/ring will obviously become less optimal, though not clearly a worse alternative til the opening range converges around 6-7%.
    Also I am assuming your equity calculations consider that bottom pair must be good once we get heads up? I don't think we can give 3 clean redraw outs to a king considering the reverse implied odds and how many bets we lose in the times we are dominated.My point in this thread is that no one plays as well as they think they do post-flop to get involved in marginal situations against opponents we don't have reads on.
  12. Interested in getting a private small stakes SH game going tonight.I would like the stakes to be no greater than .50/1I realize this is small for some of us, but I don't like to sit in games with good players with money at risk, as I don't like playing without a significant edge.Anyway, I thought it would be good practice for everyone and would make for a few good days of posts as we could all post our favorite hands.The rules would be easy. We would get a small game on Party, and up to 6 can play at one time, the others can railbird and wait for a seat to open (that is if more than 6 end up playing)Anyone interested?

  13. Let's put the villain on a hand range. This won't be that hard to figure out if we can put him on a range.I'll go ahead and assert that an average villain would raise 15% of his hands in that spot, which is 77+,A7s+,K9s+,QTs+,JTs,ATo+,KTo+,QJo. Of course we can modify this if people think he raises less (which is the dependant variable for check/raising. As his hand range increases, our equity lessens, so it becomes more correct to fold or call). I'll also assert that he will continu-bet with all of these holdings when checked to 100% of the time.This puts us at about 45.5% equity, but let's not forget our fold equity. Your average villain isn't going to stick around here with pocket 7s or the Ax hands that didn't connect, as well as some others. This boosts our equity when he folds the turn UI, or folds to the flop c/r.C/ring folds UTG as well a good percentage of the time. If we get this HU, I'm assuming we also have more than 50% equity (which I think is a safe assumption given given our pot equity + fold equity) making it correct to c/r.This is also NOT a hard hand to play on the turn or river, and we can make easy adjustments considering turn/river cards and our opponents reactions to those cards.As an aside, I'm 30/19/2.7, and this seemed like a glaringly easy flop c/r.
    The average party villian's opening range shorthanded in middle position isn't this tight.Also, your equity calculations assume an UTG fold, and I am sure you have played Party 6max before, and I am sure you have also played with your equity calculator. Guess what happens when the UTG comes along for the ride? Guess what happens when the MP 3-bets? Guess what happens when UTG 3-bets? These situations destroy the SMALL equity we have in the situation we get heads up.In a raised multiway pot, we have to consider the reverse implied odds of playing bottom pair no draw. And so far, I am the only one who has.We can twist any situation that is a fold in to a call or raise if we modify the ranges to provide us equity on later streets granted a fold that hasnt come yet from a player we dont have a read on and against a player we have given an inappropriate range to.
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