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From Ryan Young's Mother

04 Aug 2012

I had the pleasure of playing with Ryan Young on day four of the WSOP main event this year and I can honestly say it was the most fun I had the entire tournament. His love for the game was infectious, he was always smiling, cracking jokes, and loving life. At a time when poker could really use an influx of young players with joyful personalities, it's just a very sad loss.

His mother Lois contacted me and asked if I would post this short message from her and the Young family. Here it is:

Ryan Young, family, and I would like to thank all the kind words and gestures that were posted on Facebook, Twitter, and the poker media. It has meant so much to our family to hear that he was so respected and loved by so many. We are confident that Ryan is in a better place now. He is continuing to infect people with his one of a kind smile, and his positive attitude, just as he did in this world. Thanks again for your compassion, support, and kindness. Sincerely, Lois, Ryan's mom, Robbie and Randall, Ryan's brothers.


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