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American Century Championship

13 Jul 2009

I can't wait. I've been working hard on my game this week and shot well over the week. Not enough to win the tournament in Lake Tahoe, but enough to hopefully end up somewhere near the bottom-middle of the pack. Details on the tournament can be found at www.tahoecelebritygolf.com.

The list of golfers for this event is pretty impressive, from Michael Jordan to Charles Barkley, Tony Romo to Wayne Gretzky. They have me listed at 40-1 to win the tournament, but I'd suggest NOT betting on me. I'm worse than a million to 1. Rick Rhoden is like a scratch golfer and should win. Also listed at 40-1:

Ray Allen
Vinnie Testaverde
Michael Jordan
Kenny Lofton
John Lynch
Tino Martinez
Daniel Negreanu
Maury Povich
Aaron Rogers
Ben Roethlisberger

I can't imagine I'm better than any of those guys. I looked at some of last year's scores, and they use a Stableford scoring system:

-2 for double bogey or worse
0 for bogey
+1 for par
+3 for birdie
+8 for eagle
+10 for hole in one

The course, Edgewood, will play about 7072 yards which means I won't be making any birdies. My goal is end with a score of 0. Last year Jordan finished at -1 and Barkley finished the three day tournament at... um... -91! Wow, that's really bad.

A realistic goal for me is something like -18, but anything worse than that and I'll be disappointed. I'm so excited I just can't explain it!

For a full list of participants and odds: