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Citizen Kane

23 Feb 2007

I have been very, very, lazy recently. Going to bed very late and waking up even later. Not the best schedule for the WPT event in LA, but I think I'll manage just fine.

I'm either driving or flying to LA tomorrow, I still haven't decided. When I get there, I'm going to give Anthony Mak, the new protégé playing in his first event, a rundown on what to expect. Much like with Brian Fidler at the Mirage, I haven't had a chance to spend too much time with him going into his first event. I did send him some notes that not even Fidler got, and I hope that he is all studied up.

In the meantime, I've been glued to the television. I spend a lot of time watching hockey as I surf the net for box scores to see how my fantasy team is doing. Man, I just love doing that. It's really going to suck when hockey season is over, oh well.

American Psycho- A film about an 80's yuppie who goes a little batty. The movie is pretty gory, a little bit strange, but overall a pretty interesting look into how people can become so obsessed with perfection that they lose control.

American Idol- This is the first time I've actually started watching the show from the beginning, and man did I miss out! It's just so intense, watching people's emotional swings, the ups and downs, their future in the balance of... Simon Cowell! I have to be honest, while Simon may be a real jerk sometimes, I actually do like him and think I'd get along well with him.

It surprises me a little bit that the contestants don't do enough praising of the judges after they are critiqued. I would think they'd say something like, "Well, obviously I have to work on a few things but I'm confident that I can improve quickly. The judges have heard thousands of voices and if they say it was a little pitchy, well, then I must have been a little pitchy. I'm going to work super hard on fixing that."

Anyway, they are down to 20, 10 girls and 10 boys. Question: is it inappropriate to make an observation that the four black girls in the contest just blow the other girls out of the water? I'm talking like a totally different league of singing thus far. Yikes man, Lakisha is freakin' awesome. I got Goosebumps after her last performance.

Broken Flowers- what a waste of 90 minutes, my goodness. Critically acclaimed? Yikes, that movie just sucked and I rarely say that about a film. The main character isn't funny, warm, charming, or even remotely interesting. When the movie ended, I actually laughed out loud, thinking, "Did they really just end the movie like that?" Wow, just bad.

Lost- I've gone back and forth with this show. Loved it, hated it, and love it again, but am frustrated by the loose ends taking forever to tie up. I'm through season two and won't see the current season until it comes out on DVD. My next poison will either be Prison Break or The Wire.

Anyway, the show Lost has an ensemble cast and here is my take on each of the main characters. Not a take on whether or not they are good or bad people, but basically a view of my taste in people to some degree. Who I'd get along with, and who I could do without:

Jack- obviously the guy is a "hero" as the doctor on the show, but I wouldn't get along with him. I don't like his personality, or lack there of, and he seems like he'd bore me to death.

Anna Lucia- this right here is probably the one personality type that I dislike most. I just can't stand overbearing people like that. She's got these facial expressions that just make you want to strangle her. She annoys me without even having to say a word.

Jin & Sun- it shouldn't be much of a stretch to think that I'd get along with these two. I know a little bit about Korean culture and I'm a fan in most respects. Most Korean people I've encountered in my life are extremely passionate, and loyal people. Sometimes a little hot tempered, but it comes with the territory.
Jin seems like a good man, and if he is your friend you have a friend till death. Sun, seems like a nurturing, intelligent, care giver with a sweet temperament. I like them both.

Charlie- I don't know what to think of him yet, it's strange. I think he's the kind of guy that I'd really enjoy hanging out with in small doses. A fun guy to party with, but not someone I'd have in my inner circle. We are just too different.

Sawyer- You're not "really" supposed to like Sawyer, but I like him better than Jack, for example. I'd trust Jack before I would Sawyer, but he has that charming "Sam Grizzle" like quality. A good ol' boy with a quick whit and a troubled past.

Michael & Walt- I like the kid, but I don't think I'd get along with his Daddy. His interaction with his son and others on the Island is often very abrasive and I don't like that too much.

Sayid- Intelligent, strong, honorable, and loyal. Yeah, I'd say he makes for a good friend.

Rose & Bernard- I like one, but don't care for the other. Rose seems like a person I could talk to and trust. If I had problems and wanted someone to listen, I could see Rose being a good listener. As for her husband, meh, he just annoys me a little bit. He means well, and all, and isn't a bad guy, but we wouldn't gel well together. There are a few "Bernards" in the poker world too. Nice enough people, but we just wouldn't flow.

Hurley- Now we are talking. You always need an unintentionally hilarious friend and Hurley is your man. A good dude.

Shannon & Boone- not a fan of either. Shannon isn't someone I'd surround myself with and Boone and I come from such different worlds I think he would bore me. Not a bad guy, but not much substance there.

Lak- Love this guy! A modern day Rambo kind of dude, expect he is much older and wasn't in the army or anything. He is the kind of guy I'd want to lead me, to guide me, and to give me advice on how to live. I trust him, and think he is one of the nicer people on the Island, as well as one of the deepest and smartest thinkers.

Claire- She's ok. I'd totally get along with her I think. Probably not a lot in common with her, but I think we'd be able to do the small talk thing and have no trouble keeping a conversation going.

Mr. Echo- I saved the best for last. This dude is my absolute favorite character and reminds me of some of my friends from back home in Toronto. Laid back for the most part, but could crush you like a bug if he chose to. He doesn't say much, but when he does speak, what he has to say is always powerful and meaningful. Since I talk way too much, my closest friends historically have usually been less talkative. A guy like Mr. Echo.
I also actually like the fact that he had such a checkered past and made changes in his life. I'm drawn to people like that. They've done bad things, but have overcome that life to become better people.

Citizen Kane- I think this was a movie I just had to see. A friend of mine from junior high school actually recommended the film to me. Anyway, this is an old movie made in 1941, I believe, about a very powerful man. He decides to run a newspaper and quickly becomes a media mogul, building an empire by "telling it like it is" and giving the people what they want.
Throughout his life, though, he ends up becoming obsessed with himself in a bizarre way. He wants everyone to love him, but he doesn't really know how to love anyone else. A lot of it comes from a childhood where he was abandoned by his parents.
Anyway, the more famous and popular he becomes, the more it strains his relationship with his closest friend, the one who was with him before he became "Citizen Kane."
Kane deals with a scandal or two, and fights through them. In the end though, he dies alone. It's a pretty sad film for the most part, but there is such an undeniable message in this film that it's no wonder it's been considered one of the best movies ever made.
Now, the "theme" had been done, and redone in other films like, Click, Family Man, and several others, but a classic is a classic.
Anytime you watch a movie, well at least for me anyway, you can't help but identify with what the characters are going through (that is, if it's a good movie). In this movie, I think ANYONE who is thrust into the limelight for whatever reason can relate to some of the struggles that Kane endured.
For me, it comes down to this: what's most important, what your family and friends think of you, or what the public thinks of you?
The answer should be obvious, but I think lots of people struggle with that. Not everybody, but I think any movie star or celebrity faces extra pressure that can often blur the lines of what's most important.


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