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That One Hurt

07 Mar 2006

I started out against Sheiky exactly how I wanted to. Chopping away while the blinds were still small and there was lots of post flop play. I had him down to 90,000 with me having 230,000 early without taking any major risks.

At one point Sheiky actually said, "Wow man, this is like a slow grind." Yes it was, it was going exactly as I planned. Then, everything changed in one hand:

With the blinds at 3000-6000 Shawn made it 13,000 to go on the button. I wasn't making a habit of defending my blind too weak, but that was basically the minimum raise so I called the bet with 7-4.

The flop came Ah 7c 5c. I checked, Sheiky bet $15,000 and I called. The turn came a 3 and I thought about betting but checked (mistake). The river came the 6c and I quickly fired out a bet of 20,000 hoping that he might pay me off with an ace, or aces up.

Instead, he went all in! Yikes, he raised me about 65,000 more. If I folded, we'd be dead even in chips, but if I called and lost he'd have a pretty sizeable chip lead on me.

When Sheiky raised me I knew that he wasn't bluffing, there was just no way. The question was: would he actually go all in with just the 4? It would be a stupid play, but was he fed up to the point where he just lost it?

Realizing that the best case scenario was a tie, I was leaning towards folding. Before I did that, though, I utilized one of the rules that are legal in the NBC event: I turned my cards face up so he could see them.

He didn't look worried at all. It was clear as day to me that I couldn't win the whole pot, so I mucked it... he showed me the... King of diamonds! He had K-4 of diamonds and raised me on the river.

It was a bad play on the river, that I can promise you. It worked, but it was a -EV play on his part. My MOST LIKELY hand in that spot was either a bluff, or a flush! He would get called by the flush and he could beat the bluff anyway.

The only value his play had was if I had the same straight and would actually fold it.

So we were back to even, and by that time the rising blinds became a serious issue. We got to 8000-16,000 blinds, which meant that we each had a total of 10 bets a piece. No longer could you see flops, it came down to catching some hands. That, I didn't.

He grinded me down under 90,000 after I got 9-2, J-3, 9-5, J-2, and J-3. Then, with 89,500 left I was dealt Q-8 on the button. There was no decision really, I went all in.

He called with K-J and I won that race giving me a slight lead. Then, I was grinded down again, getting no hands at all. J-2, J-3, Q-2, 10-3, 9-4... I picked up 10-J once and called a small raise with it. The flop was 6-6-2 and I check mucked.

Down to almost nothing, I was forced all in on the big blind with 8-9 against K-9. The flop was 9-6-2...10... A. I was out, and I couldn't believe it.

When the blinds got high the cards just didn't give me a chance to compete. It was over, and there was nothing I could have done about that.

Having said that, I did make a mistake in a hand that we both played poorly. I should have bet the turn with that 7-4. I thought about it, then decided to check. I'm not sure it would have changed anything as he would have called a bet with the 4 as it gave him a double gutter as well. Who knows, though, maybe I would have check called the river then and maintained my lead.

I was pretty card dead late in the match when it mattered most, but I take responsibility for the loss since I didn't play perfectly. I should have bet the 7-4 on the turn. Aside from that one mistake, I didn't do anything wrong.

It stung. I had it. Things were moving along smoothly and then in an instant, I was out. I was actually in a state of shock.

I left Caesar's and headed home to chill with Mushu. Generally, when I deal with a tough loss like that I like to play video games. Now, do you remember a recent blog where I lost my mind trying to get the wires out of my wall to play my X-BOX? Well, I still hadn't set up my X-BOX on the other TV.

Night of Craziness Part II begins:

I set it up and figured it would work fine, but instead, all I got was static. I fiddled with this, fiddled with that, and then finally realized that the adapter was for a Hi Def TV.

So, I took my X-BOX downstairs to my monster TV, but quickly realized that there was way too much craziness back there to figure it out. I brought the X-BOX back upstairs to try again.

It wasn't going to happen, so I went to the garage in the hopes of finding my original adapter. I had a box out there full of wires, but I couldn't find the box. I think it must have been thrown out during the remodeling of the house.

Out of luck, and going nuts... I was texting Lori, and she came up with a great idea, "Go to Target, they are open till 10." Good idea!

Me and Mushu hopped into the Lexus and drove over to Boca Park. Mushu chilled in the car while I went inside. I got to the electronics section and there was no one there.

So, I looked at the accessories and noticed that all they seemed to have was X-BOX 360 stuff. Finally, a lady came by and let me know there are no more X-BOX accessories left.

That's ok, I figured, I had an alternate plan, "OK, then can you just get me an X-BOX 360?"

"Oh, no sir, they are always sold out."

Nice. They have accessories but no units. Then I realized that I should have just went to Best Buy. I still had time, figuring that they closed at 10.

On my way there, Lori informed me that there was one really close by Boca Park. Unfortunately, by then I was already closer to the one on Lake Mead and Rainbow.

I got there at 9:42pm and figured that I'd be all right. Nope, they close at 9:00pm on weekdays! ARRRRRGH!

On my way home I decided to stop in at Hollywood Video. They are connected to a video game store! I walked in, and could literally see the adapters in the store. I asked the guy at the front if I could get one and he told me that that section was closed. You've GOT to be kidding me!!!

I stopped at Walgreen’s too for some random reason, hey, who knows. Just then, Lori texted me again, "Why don't you try Tower Records?"

I called Tower Records and they didn't close until midnight, sweet! It was a bit of a drive, but I was tearing it up on the roads. I let Mushu drive while I was texting Lori. Mushu loves driving the Lexus, he like the way it hugs corners, etc.

I walked in and headed to the video game section. I saw a whole bunch of X-BOX 360 stuff, but wouldn't you know, there was nothing for X-BOX. I was defeated and totally deflated. I wanted to play video games so bad and not being able to made me want to play even more. It was a crisis situation.

Before all hope was dashed, the lady mentioned that I should check Wal-Mart. "It's still open?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's open 24 hours dude," she said. Sweet! One more lead.

I got to Wal-Mart and quickly realized that I was in the wrong part of town to be driving the Lexus. It was attracting attention from the wrong crowd, if you know what I mean.

I wasn't about to abandon the mission, though, so I pushed on. I headed to their video game section and... SCORE!!! I found a universal adapter.

I ran back to the car and left in a flash. There were like five dudes casing my rims at the time, lol.

I plugged in the new adapter, and presto... we have lift off. I bought a whole bunch of new games, but ended up playing the same game all night.

The game is called, "The Bible," no kidding. It's like a combination between Fusion Frenzy and Jeopardy with Old Testament trivia. You could ask for easy trivia or tough trivia and it had about 8 levels of difficulty.

I stuck with easy. There was no reference to the New Testament which was probably a good marketing ploy since it would be tough to sell a video game to Jewish kids that didn't believe in the New Testament!

My favorite "game within a game" was the David and Goliath game. You're David, and you have to chuck a rock at Goliath's forehead for 150 points. You have to time the throw just right, though, or you'll let Goliath get away.

They had other cool games like Jericho Walls, Seven Days, Red Sea, Leap of Faith, and about 16 challenge games in total. By the end of the night, I had high scores in all of the games.

The game also has a "Game Show" option which is a lot of fun. You get points for right answers as well as challenges and each round your points get banked. If, however, when you are in control of the board you land on the "Wrath of God" you lose all of your points for that round!

It happened to me three times until I realized why it kept happening. In the game, you can "share," or pass control over to one of the other players. If you don't do that, you can expect the worst!

The game teaches sharing and that being greedy is bad. It seems like it would be an excellent teaching tool for young kids.

Anyway, I sat there four about 8 hours in my massage chair before dozing off.


Today, I spent a couple hours working on the FCP forums. The Off Topic forum was getting cluttered so I added a Religion, Television, and several sports forums to the mix. I think the other sports fans were getting jealous about the fact that there was a Hockey forum but no other sports forum.
See guys, you ask, and I get er' done :-)

Aside from that, I spent hours and hours reading through some threads on the forums. There was one in particular about a guy who says that his girlfriend doesn't want him to play poker because she thinks it's sinful.

The thread got pretty heated as do most religious discussions, but for the most part it was pretty civil in comparison to what I've seen.

As for poker being sinful, that's just silly. There is no reference whatsoever to gambling being sinful in the Bible. There are tons of references to the idea that the LOVE of money is sinful, but that isn't specific to gambling at all.

Anyway, if you are interested you can find that thread and more in the forums.


I will be leaving Las Vegas tomorrow for a few days, but unfortunately I can't share with you where I'll be going. Also, when I return, I won't be able to tell you where I was. Once more, while I'm there I won't be able to blog about what I'm doing.

I may still write a blog within now and the next few days, but it won't be about what I'm currently doing. I know, I know, it sounds all crazy and secretive, but really, it's not that big a deal. I just can't share it with you.

So, good night and good bye for a few days...


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