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Golfing at Shadow Creek

03 Mar 2006

For two straight days now I've been at the golf course by about noon. On the first day, we actually played 27 holes, while on the second day we only played 18.

On the first day I played with E-DOG and Josh, while the pro, Monte Montgomery joined us for a few holes on the back.

The 18 on Shadow Creek is a tough hole. It says it's a par 4, but it's not a par 4 as far as I'm concerned!

The first time I golfed Shadow Creek, Monte said to me, "I'll tell you what, I'll give you 4 shots on 18 for $300, but you gotta decide now."

"4 shots? Done." Then I actually looked at the hole... oh no! Before looking at the hole I figured that even if I made an 8 Monte would have to birdie the hole to beat me.

This hole, though, had a long carry off the tee over some water, and if you made it over that carry, there was another long carry over the water to a small green.

Apparently, the boys compared my pitiful swing to Ivey's, calling it, "Iveyesque." Phil, never gets over the water on 18 according to Monte. In fact, 18 is where Phil generally blows up with a 10 or an 11.

I went up to the tee that day and nailed my best drive of the day, getting over the carry, but just barely. I then hit a decent second shot, with a 5 wood that still left me about 140 yards from the hole.

The smart play was to lay up and leave myself a 40 yard chip shot, the "tin cup" play was to go over the water from 140 yards and risk blowing the hole.

SO what did I do? You guessed it, lol, I dunked it right in the water. Luckily for me, I saved myself with an awesome chip off the fringe and was able to get in with an 8. Monte made 5, and I won 300.

On this day, I told Monte I'd give him a chance to get even. Once again, I carried the water. I then hit a safe shot that left me out about 160 yards out. This time, though, I pulled out an 8 iron and played it safe up the left side. Playing safely all the way, I was in the hole in 7, while Monte made par.

On the day, though, I got crushed. E-DOG beat me for $3000 and Josh beat me for $5000 playing $1000 Nassaus, giving me a stroke a hole.

On the second day, Tyler, an awesome golfer who shoots right around par, joined us for the round. Only for this round, Josh and Erick somehow convinced him to play... left handed! If you've ever tried this, you'll understand how IMPOSSIBLE that can be.

I watched him on the range, though, and he was STILL hitting it longer than me left handed! Josh and Erick gave him 5 a side, while I got 10 shots a side from them, and 5 shots from Tyler.

When I gamble at golf I have simple rules that ensure that I can't be taken advantage of, and that I can't take advantage of my opponent: I play them for the same amount every time, and whoever wins money on the day, had to either add a shot to the spot or take one away.

So for example, with Josh and Erick giving me 10 shots a side, if I beat Erick on the day but lost to Josh, the next time I played Erick I'd only get9 shots a side, while Josh would now have to give me 11.

So as you can imagine, if one I get killed in the short run I'll eventually get to a point where the spot is heavily in my favor.

These guys are my friends, and I don’t need any friends that would try to “sandbag” me or try to hustle me. You do that, you’re a scumbag not a friend. There is one such scumbag in the poker world, but I won’t be naming names. He’s never beaten me for a penny, but I wouldn’t dare gamble with him, or even spend any time with him at all for that matter. A complete low life who’d cheat his own mother by telling her that he shoots 95 when he can actually shoot in the 70’s just to steal her money.

I can understand trying to get a fair game from somebody and negotiating it on the tee box, but how do you tell a FRIEND that you shoot in the 90’s when you KNOW that you can shoot in the 70’s? That’s no friend to me…

I played pretty bad again, though, and lost to both Erick and Josh. Tyler, as valiant as an effort he put in, wasn't able to overcome the handicap despite never missing a putt He is probably among the best putters in the world, right handed or left handed.

On the day I lost $4000 to Erick who played great, and another $5000 to Josh. Tyler? Well, I beat him for $500 :-)

So in two days on the course I lost $16,500, but we all had a really good time despite the frustrating misses.

I absolutely know for certain that I have bogey golf in me, but without practice, and without hitting balls before a round, I'm just not going to be able to break 110 at Shadow Creek. On my last round, I started out bogey, bogey, bogey, but then tanked it and shot a 55. Oh well, next time.


Aside from that, I've been reading. Over the past week I've been steadily reading five chapters of the Bible a day, as well as a poker book. I'm not going to tell you which poker book just yet, but when I'm finished with it I'll be sure to share a review in the forums at FCP.

It feels so great to be home. I can't explain how good it feels to get into a rhythm and a routine that helps me feel like I'm moving in a positive direction in so many ways. Being on the road, being too busy, can take you away from working on yourself as a human being. Whether it be a golf swing, catching up on reading, working out, eating better, or whatever.

I just can't wait till my "crazy life" calms down a little bit. I actually have vacation plans all set up for when I'll be free. I booked a trip for my next vacation when I'll have some free time. Well, I tried to anyway, but they said they don't take reservations for August 1st, 2009!


It's time once again, to gear up for the National Heads Up Championship on NBC. Last year's event was a blast, but I still can't get over the two mistakes that I made in my second round match against Antonio.

I felt like I was in control of the match, but then made a mistake that I don't usually make- I played a big pot when I could have played a small one. If I didn't goof there... who knows.

Tonight, at about 7:00pm we will be drawing for the 64 player bracket. The drawing party is lots of fun, and I'm just a huge fan of the event in every way, shape, and form. I'm addicted to brackets of any kind!

On that note, I noticed significant buzz in the forums at FCP regarding a bracket pool, and I'd already thought about maybe doing something cool for FCPers, by having some kind of a free roll bracket pool.

I'm not sure if it can get done in time, but keep your eye on the General Forum today and look for an announcement if we can come up with something cool.

I've been preparing for this event, "the right way." There is a lot to that, but let's just say that I'm following ALL of my personal rules going into this event and I'm as pumped up as I can be. Time for bed… that's one of the rules!


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