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I'm Staying Home, YES!

01 Mar 2006

I just made an executive decision to skip the PartyPoker cruise again this year. Man, I just love that tournament, I really miss playing limit hold'em tournaments. I haven't played one in... well, ages!

Unfortunately, January and February wiped me out. It really did. For me to be at my best in the tournaments, they can't lose that "specialness." Yes, I know that’s not a word, but this is a blog for goodness sakes! What I mean is, when you have a tournament every other week, they don't "feel" as important. I'm hoping this break will help me re-energize my batteries.

In March, I'll be playing in the NBC Heads Up event, and then not till the end of the month will I be heading to Reno for the WPT event there.


I just got home after a one day stint in San Jose. It's funny, in 2006 I've made it out of day one exactly one time! I won that one, but man, in every other tournament I've been snake bit.

This one could have been all over on hand #1: A player limps UTG for 50, a late position player makes it 150 to go, and I called from the big blind with AK.

The flop came A-A-10 rainbow. I checked, and the limper bet 200. The raiser folded, and I was pretty sure my opponent had the Ace here, so I wanted to get it all in. I made a big raise, up to 1200.

He re-raised me 1000 more, and I re-raised him 3000 more. The turn was a 3, and I stuck the rest in. He looked deflated, as though he was drawing dead, but finally called.

I turned up my hand, figuring that it was the absolute nuts, when my opponent flips over... A-10! Wow, nothing I could have done about that one. Good news? The River was a 10 and we chopped it up!

That's not the fun hand I want to talk about though. Here is the fun hand: The blinds were 75-150 and I made it 400 to go. A young kid from Berkley (from here on out known as Berkley kid) called the 400. The big blind, made it 1200.

I don't know why, but I didn't think it was AA or KK. I called, as did the Berkley kid.

The flop came Qc 6c 4h. The big blind bet out 1500 and had about 5000 left. His bet screamed of weakness. I called, as did the Berkley kid. At that point, I figured the Berkley kid for a Q or a flush draw.

The turn came the 8h. The BB checked and with 9600 left in chips, I decided to move all in.

Now the Berkley kid goes into the tank. Eventually, he calls the clock on himself! He finally folds as does the big blind. The Berkley kid folded... a set of fours!

Notice anything different about my description of this hand? That's right, I never told you what I had yet did I! Well, I showed the kid one card, the 7s.

Immediately he started going over all of the possible hands I could have had: 7-7, 7s 5s, or 7s 8s. I helped him out, and narrowed it down to two after he correctly eliminated the 7-7.

So what do YOU think I had? The 7-5 of spades or the 7-8 of spades? To find the answer, you'll have to go here:

I later went broke with Queens up. The flop came Q-7-4 and I limped in from late position with Qh 4h. I bet the flop, and a guy with 55 called. Turn 5, me dead.


At the airport on the way back to Vegas, I quickly dumped off $30,000 at FCP to AllTheWomen. That guy is beating me like a stepchild! I've never run that bad playing heads up before in my life.

When I got back home I played XWA for a short while and took a small win, before losing another $30,000 to AllTheWomen again. He has beaten me for $200K+ straight, and during that rush I have not, at any point, won $30,000 straight! It's been cold deck city in a big way in that match.


Today I've been on the couch (ouch, my back hurts!) just getting some work done while playing some poker with the FCP crew from the forums. We played a $5 NL tourney with rebuys where I put a bounty on my head. Setoff won the bounty, but Gilbertology won the tournament. Congrats dude.

I also played XWA again today and won $22,000 playing $250-$500 heads up. When he quit, I switched over to the $50-$100 NL game. The game was pretty juicy. It started out heads up, just me and Beanzo, but quickly became 10 handed.

I was up about $30,000 in that game until the following hand. A player posted behind the button, and I made it $250 to go with QQ. The poster folded, and the small blind, LanyeFlack went all in.... for $17,000!

No, that's not "Layne Flack" that's LanyeFlack. I thought to myself, if this guy REALLY has AA and decided to play it like that, he deserves it! I called him, figuring I'd either see AK or 10-4 off suit. What did he have? AA, lol!
Oh well, I quit that game just now, winning $10,000.

Oh, I almost forgot, I also played three heads up no limit sit n' go's against FCPers for $5. I won the first one against PMJacksonFCP, but then lost the next two to MantoothxX sp?? and Vatche.

It's been fun, kicking back, goofing around online, while getting some work done too. My mind has been racing with all kinds of great ideas for FCP and it's pretty exciting.

Speaking of FCP, the store is now officially open. Right now, while there are several products to choose from, there are more goodies to come.


What else, what else... hmm, let me see, OH! The riddle. Many of you got the riddle, or heard it some place before. The correct answer was to turn the first one on, leave the second one alone, and turn the third one on for 10 minutes and then turn it back off.

Next, you go down the hall and if the light bulb is on, you know it's #1. If it's off, you feel the light bulb. If it's cold, you know it's #2. If it's warm, then it's #3. Pretty neat, huh?

What else, what else... I watched more TV! All I really learned, though, was that coffee snobs can't even pick out their “favorite” coffee in a taste test and that if it says "Whole Grain" on the box, that doesn't mean it's healthy. It has to have at least 2 grams of fiber on the box for it to be healthy. (John Stossel of 20/20 :-)

Oh, I also changed my stance on stem cell research after watching a 60 Minutes program about it. I've always been a little creeped out about the idea of "cloning" and things like that, but it seems as though stem cell research is the real deal.

Unfortunately, George Bush won't budge on the issue and won't allow government funding for it. His reasoning, is that an embryo is life. I've always felt the same way, but wonder how he can take that stance, yet do NOTHING about fertility clinics that simply "eliminate" thousands of embryos each year.

Those wasted embryos could have been used for good. One of the doctors said something like, "I agree that an embryo is life, so let it live! Rather than simply toss them in the garbage, we should use those embryos to improve people's lives."

I think it's really hard to KNOW when life really begins. I'm not pro choice, but there has to be a line somewhere? Doesn't there? I'm no expert on this so forgive my ignorance if what I've said comes across as foolish. I just think that if these frozen embryos that are NEVER going to be used and are going to be thawed out and left to die, why not use them to advance the medical field so that paralyzed kids can walk?

According to 60 Minutes, there are 400,000 frozen embryos in clinics across America. 400,000!!! I find George Bush's stance on this to be totally hypocritical to say the least, "We don't want to kill embryos to advance the medical field, but we are ok with allowing fertility clinics to just... dump em' in the garbage." Are y'all with me on this? Doesn't it seem hypocritical to you?

After this blog, I'm going to tune out, watch some DVD's and then get to some more reading. I'm really enjoying being at home with "nothing" to do.

Tomorrow, I think I'm going to Shadow Creek with Josh and E-DOG to play a round of golf. That should be fun.


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