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Murphy's Law

15 Nov 2005

Now, since I have been playing in the Superstars III all week it's been difficult to write a blog without revealing any information as to who won, etc. so I just decided not to write one for a while.

I did have a brutal day yesterday, though, when my trusty Treo 650 got picked up. It could have been a mistake, but somebody definitely took it otherwise we would have found it.

Losing the phone itself isn't that big a deal, especially since you can back up all of your information on your computer. Unless of course, you are an idiot who never bothers to back up his information! That'd be me.

When I got home, I tried logging on to my laptop. I had a guy come out and look at it recently because the fan just wouldn't turn off. He just said there was nothing you could really do about it, followed by, "That'll be $88 please."

Well when I went to log on, I couldn't even turn it on. Apparently, the mother board was totally fried. So now I'm sittin' there with no phone, all my information was gone, and my laptop was fried along with all the info I had saved on it.

Trying to change my procrastinating ways, I decided to go replace my phone immediately once I realized it wasn't going to be found. I headed to Sprint and got a brand new Treo 650.

When I asked the sales rep how long it would take she said, "within two hours." It felt like things were turning around when the phone was working instantly. Sweet.

My next stop was Best Buy to pick up another laptop. I don't know a ton about laptops so when I got to the computer section I asked the sales rep, "Hey there, I'm looking for a laptop. I am looking for the 'kick ass model?"

The guy kinda looked at me funny, but then directed me over to the SLG GHB 400 XLP 680 Turbo PCP Windows modem Vaio 340kp. It did this, and that, and some other stuff, but one thing I noticed was that it didn't have the CP L 460 GH gigabyte addition which is supposed to be able to cook you breakfast and acts as a humidifier also.

So I buy that laptop when he offers me the super, deluxe, Best Buy special, primo lap top deluxe edition package which would install Norton, Ralph, Fireflies, Jitterbug removers and all.

That was going to take an hour so I decided to cheer myself up after a horrible day. I headed over the home theater section and started looking at some of the home theaters that might make sense for me.

So again, I asked the sales rep, "Do you have the GHB XLR PCP CSP 720 Kick ass big screens available?"

He showed me what they had and I didn't understand a word he said. There wasn't a complete sentence to be found.

He says to me, "You can add the sub woofers to the HP's and download the RPY's to the exit engine of the flux capacitor. If you hook that up to a Wondoni XL 360 version turbo charged pixilated THX version you'll have 45 rams of gig in your home that'll desensitize the power of the AB cables that you'll need to connect to the PLS 46894 series 3 model amplifier... you get all that?"

"Sure, sure, that's exactly what I was looking for- the kick ass model." I replied.

So these dudes hook me up with a home theater that totally rocks. It set me back a pretty penny, but I was in a bad mood so I found a way to justify spending $22,000 on a TV with the surround sound package.

I ended up spending almost two hours at Best Buy hanging out on the couch talking to the crew there while I waited. They all played poker and are trying to build up a bankroll so they can get out selling XL PR 340's to people all day, you know what I mean.

I also ended up talking to a cop for a while. He was there putting a criminal in jail (no, not me). Some guy came in there with fake ID and was trying to pass a phony check.

The cop seemed like a really nice guy and complimented me (I think), by saying, "It's nice to see you don't dress like a rich guy." Is that a compliment? I'm not really sure, lol.

I was wearing jeans and a "Life of Sports" T-Shirt that Chris from Lifeofsports.com sent me.

Anyway, the cop and I talked poker, taxes, rich people, and thugs. We then talked about the area that I live in. It's time for a move and I already knew that. More and more robberies are happening in my area and while it's a nice place to live, I plan on moving shortly to a much safer area. With Lori to think about, I don't want anything to happen while she’s at home.

So that was just one day, and I've spent a lot more time recently playing video games. I do that when I want to unplug from the world. I don't want to think about anything important, I just want to make my mind numb.

NBA Live 2005 has been the game of choice, and I pretty much suck at it. I was really good at NBA 2K3, but this game is totally different.

Aside from that, well, I played in the Poker Superstars but I can't tell you what happened there (sorry).

The plan for this week is undetermined. I have a few things on the schedule,, but I'm considering moving those things out of the way so that I can play in the upcoming circuit event. I'm playing a mean game of no limit right now and am pretty hungry to play more.

I'm seeing things so clearly now, and feel like I'm playing "above the rim."

If I don't play in that tournament, it's going to be a while till I play any poker at all. I'm headed east to Grand Rapids for Thanksgiving, and then will be spending a couple weeks in Toronto to spend time with my mother and also do some media related things there.

Oh, and one more friendly reminder to those that may have missed it. If you are a regular reader of this blog, or just an FCPer at heart, you'll definitely want to sign up to be a charter member. You can sign up right on the front page of www.fullcontactpoker.com until November 30th. After that, no new charter members will be accepted.


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