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Two Days of Hell...muth

25 Aug 2005

Yesterday I shot a cool new show that will air on Fox Sports Net. It plays out like a Best Damned Sports Show, only with Poker as the main, and only topic really.

We did a round table with Chris Rose running the show along with Howard Lederer, and the guests along with me were Phil Hellmuth, Mike Matusow, Phil Gordon, and Clonie Gowan.

Before we got out there on the set, though, we spent some time back in the green room. The boys were playing Chinese Poker while I was trying to get some work done on my laptop.

While working, though, I couldn't help but over here the conversation between the two Phils and The Mouth. So, I started posting all of the random and ridiculous comments that were coming out of their mouth in the General Forum at www.fullcontactpoker.com. It was priceless. Here are a few gems that I logged:

Mike: Phil I read better than anyone in the world. I'm going to be the most famous poker player in the world after my ESPN show airs.

Gordon: I'm the hardest working man in poker.

Hellmuth: Are you kidding me. Iím the hardest working man in poker. I talk to my lawyers in Toronto, then my lawyers in New York, then my lawyers in LA. Thatís everyday!

Mike: That's why y'all never win while Mikey keeps winning all the money.


Matusow: Believe it or not Phil, nobody wants you on a Leno or Letterman so you can talk about yourself all day...


Someone asks how Chinese Poker is different from regular poker :

Matusow: It's different because Phil actually has a chance to win at it, LOLOLOL.

Matusow: The only way that Phil won that Heads Up championship was because I was in jail!


Then the discussion turned towards who was the most beloved by the poker world. In fact, big money was potentially on the line if they could agree to the details:

Matusow: I'll bet that if we do a poll on who is more likeable I'll win.

Hellmuth: No we are doing it by Q rating. (A Q rating measures fame)

Matusow: What's that?

Hellmuth: Who is more well known.

Matusow: That's crazy dude I'm not doin' that! Let's do it to see who people like more.

Hellmuth: I'm not interested in that.

Gordon: Wanna bet me Phil, Q score worldwide?

Hellmuth: I'll have to do some research on that.

Gordon: Celebrity Poker is big in Ecuador and Peru.

Hellmuith: You know, the Phil Hellmuth cell phone game is big in Peru too. (not to be outdone) LOL.


I had to get in on the fun:

Gordon: I would bet my Q rating vs. any poker player in the world.

Negreanu: How about Jennifer Tilley?

Gordon: She's not really a poker play though?

Negreanu: Well neither are you!!!

Gordon: So true.


I then decided to throw out a poll in the forum. Two separate poll questions:

1) Who is more famous Hellmuth or Gordon?
2) Who is more well liked Hellmuth or Matusow?

Hellmuth was crushing Gordon in their poll and Gordon was visibly upset about the results.

Matusow: You host a stupid show big deal! Get off the drugs dude you are losing it.

Gordon: I'm not saying it to brag, but the poll is just wrong.


Many of the conversations went something like this:

A: "I have this really new cool project in the works."

B: "Nice, but I actually have something even cooler than that coming out."

C: "Well, I'm more successful than both of you and people love me more."

Y'all need a hug!!!

From the standpoint of pure entertainment value, I couldn't pay enough to watch this crew get together and beat their chests like gorillas.

When they were ready for us we all took our places and made for some pretty interesting television in my opinion. Both Phil and me were worried that Mikey would talk too much after drinking coffee and not taking his Ritalin, but Mikey behaved pretty well and shared the floor nicely. Good job Mike!

After a long day I headed back to my room to get ready for a commercial shoot that had me being picked up at 6:30am.


I finally woke up at about 6:20am. I ended up watching a few episodes of Survivor that I have on DVD and only got in about four hours of sleep. I was down in the lobby by 6:37am all showered and ready for the day ahead.

I arrived on set by 7:00am and slept in my trailer till about 9:00am. If any of you are familiar with how Hollywood works you understand the phrase, "Hurry up and wait!"

I just knew there was no good reason for us to be there so early, but hey, that's show biz I guess.

Scotty Nguyen came knockin' on my door to wake me up. We headed to wardrobe and then it was off to make up. Hellmuth was in the trailer next to mine and we met up again on set, "Long time no see Danny boy," Phil's the only guy that gets away with calling me that.

The Director of the commercial was apparently, "The Man," when it comes to doing commercials. 30 years of experience and all of the crew were tooting his horn for him.

He was quite a character. Maybe the driest sense of humor of anyone Iíd ever met before. Everything was said with a bit of sarcasm, in a very sardonic tone. I love that kind of humor so it suited me fine. Not so sure Phil got it right away though!

Phil and the director jawed back and forth from time to time. Phil would try to help out and the director would be like, "Ok cute, now shut up and do it how I said to do it ok?" Wow, too funny.

Unfortunately everything about the shoot is confidential and I can't share the details with you. I don't care personally, but the company footing the bill might so it's best to keep my mouth shut if you know what I mean.

Let's just say that it's going to turn out to be a very funny commercial and it was well worth the early wake up call.

We were done by about 4:00pm and my wife (how cool is that?) flew in right around that same time. We met at the hotel and had to switch rooms immediately.

I booked my room late and all I could get was a smoking room. Have you ever slept in a smoking room before? My word, the bedspread smelt like a dirty ashtray- disgusting.

I told them that if they didn't move me to another room that I'd have to check out. Hey, whaddya know, they found something! All sold out my foot.

After we settled for a while we ate dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal Studios and are relaxing at the hotel now. She's reading her Harry Potter book (she's a HUGE fan) and I'm rambling with you people.

Tomorrow will be a laid back day with my wife, Lori Negreanu (how weird is that?), doing some shopping and having dinner with friends. I'd invite you all, but seating might be a little awkward... nite.


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