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And.... I'm Spent

17 Mar 2005

I figured out a good way to keep my sleep schedule on the right track: schedule radio interviews for 8:30am! At 8:30am yesterday I got a call from a radio station in Hamilton. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this yet but on April 2nd I’m going to be attending a hockey game called “A Game to Give” that will feature many of the NHL’s top current and past players.

The purpose of the event is to help support the Canadian Red Cross and their efforts to help with Tsunami relief. Well that, and to finally see some hockey again. It’s going to be an outdoor game that seats 30,000 people.

The organizers contacted me and asked if I would join the players on the bench as an honorary coach. How cool is that? Too cool. Imagine getting the opportunity to yell over at Martin Brodeur and pull him from the nets. Or to get on Doug Gilmour and Mats Sundin telling them to start getting aggressive on the fore check? I can’t wait.

Gordie Howe will also be in attendance and there to drop the puck. The game will pit East players versus West and should be a ton of fun. For more info on the event checkout www.fan590.com.

After I was done with that interview I slowly woke up and actually had a couple hours to relax. My brother dropped by my mother’s condo and we had lunch together. Then the phone starting ringing off the hook and I knew it was time to get “back to work.”

At 2:00pm I did an interview with AM 640 radio and was genuinely impressed with the interviewer. AM 640 isn’t a sports radio station so I was worried that they would ask me questions like, “So what’s the best hand you ever got? Did you ever get a royal flush?” No questions like that and the interview went smoothly.

At 2:30pm my limo driver Gord dropped by and it was the official start of my day in a sense. Gord drove me to my first stop, a meeting with Michael Landsberg and some other “big wigs” in Toronto. I can’t reveal too much about the meeting and what transpired, but I will tell you that I’m extremely excited about some possible projects that will see me spending a little more time in Canada. I genuinely think it’s important that I do spend more time in Canada as poker is really catching on big time.

We wrapped up that meeting at about 4:45pm and then it was off to the Red Hot Poker event at the Madison Pub in downtown Toronto. On the way there my phone never stopped ringing. I did a strange interview with the LA Times about food and poker. Food and poker? Now that’s a first.

My limo driver is like a Nascar driver. It was supposed to take an hour to get to the Madison but Gord Andretti had me outside the Madison at 5:30pm! Since we were early I decided to have Gord take me to the house I was born in. It was literally just one street over near Bloor and Spadina.

We still own the house on Major St. and it’s rented out to students at the University of Toronto. I knocked on the door but nobody answered so I head back to the Madison. Out front I saw the W-5 crew and stuck my head out of the limo, “Hey guys, need a lift?”

The crew popped into the limo and we decided since we had some time that we would head back to the house and try again. This time they heard me knocking and opened the door to a camera in their face. They were shocked to say the least, but luckily they’d just cleaned the house. All I can say is, wow, I wonder what it looked life before they cleaned it!

It was surreal seeing the place. You ever notice how things look so much smaller than you remember them? My room as a child looked so tiny but of course when you are a kid it looks huge I guess.

We got some shots of the house and then head back to the Madison. By the time we got there it was a madhouse out front. Cameras were everywhere and when I got out of the limo it was a mad frenzy. Once inside I got miked up. I was already wearing a mic from the W-5 when CityTv wanted me to wear another. “You want me to wear two mics? Ok.”

Once I had those mics on, Toronto One added a third mic to my pocket. Now that’s a record for me, I started to feel like I had so many wires on my body that the next step was being plugged into the Matrix.

Once everything was set I made my entrance into the pub and it was jam packed. Dean McNeil, the organizer of the Red Hot Poker Tour said a few words and then presented me with a Team Canada Poker captain’s jersey. It was very cool. I then said a few words and the cards were in the air.

Now I only have four days here in Toronto, so scheduling time with friends and others has been so difficult that I had people come to the Madison. That made for a chaotic experience to say the least. Aside from signing autographs and taking pictures I was trying to juggle two business meetings, three separate groups of old friends, and playing a few hands at each table.

I was totally exhausted running on fumes, but I managed. I ended up spending most of the evening there not leaving till after 11:00pm. I left with an old buddy of mine who is now a political scientist. I’m guessin’ that he done did a lotta schoolin’ for that degree.

Now John doesn’t play poker at all, but he’s read more poker books than I have. He is an absolute numbers fanatic and was showing me some of the data he’d inputted into a spreadsheet that would help me track my opponents tendencies.

He went over the information with me and it was ridiculously detailed. He also provided me with a CD Rom with all of the information. It just blew me away how much work he put into it. He obviously has way too much time on his hands!

I was very appreciative of his efforts to say the least, and definitely think that the data he compiled is going to be very useful to me in reading my opponents. John was super excited about showing me the intricate details, but he noticed that I was dozing off.

Once John left I took my jacket and sweater off and used them as a pillow. I slept the whole way back to my Mom’s and when we got there Gord had to wake me up. I hit the pillow so hard and I think I was out cold instantly. A great day, but at the end of it I had nothing left.


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