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#3614770 Ept Barcelona Ruling In 10K Event

Posted Assani Fisher on 05 September 2013 - 09:18 AM


I was the one who threw my ante in, so of course I was in reach of my chair!


In case of doubt, Floor decision is final.


The dealer claimed I was standing about a foot further back from where I claimed I was standing


The floor man asked the dealer if it was close, and she said it wasn't.


and besides that, I wasn't breaking any rules.

Is it possible that you threw your ante in and then moved slightly further away from the table? I'm not logically following how you being close enough to throw your ante in means that you necessarily did not move any further away from the table during the entire dealing of the cards.

Its interesting that you later mention baseball("Even in baseball, a game of inches, the tie goes to the runner") because theres another interesting aspect of baseball: In baseball there is no defined "strike zone." Sure theres a general idea of "over the plate and in between knee-to-chest height", but ultimately every single umpire is allowed to have his/her own personal idea of what is and isn't a strike. And heres the interesting part: Its completely up to the players to understand and adjust to the ump's strike zone.

You ran into an ump with a strict strike zone.That is his prerogative. It is your job to adjust.


Now, my reaction is silly and I realize this. I allowed myself to let anger consume me and cause me to make a silly decision. I can live with it

You gloss across your own shortcomings as "I can live with it" while writing a multi-paragraph essay on shortcomings of others(or shortcomings of rules).

To give a sports analogy, you are like a basketball player who got a trivial foul called against him early in the game and who decided to make a big scene and get ejected because of it. Sure it may have been a bad(or close) call, but ref's jobs are really really tough and theres a lot of judgment calls to be made. To me it sounds like the dealer and floor did their best to get the dealer's opinion on what occurred, and based upon the dealer's opinion it seems to me like the rule was enforced correctly. As with the baseball analogy, it doesn't matter if the hitter thinks it was a ball or strike...it only matters what the ump thinks.

And just for the record, I support this new rule fully. Its simply not that difficult to stay seated when the cards are being shuffled/dealt. If you fold your hand preflop and the hand goes to a flop then that gives you ample time to get up and take a quick stretch. I think Daniel does a very good job overall of representing the poker community, but on far too many issues he assumes that the views that he and other top pros hold represent the view of the majority. I think I speak for a large number of quieter and lesser-known players when I say: Sit the f*ck down and stop slowing up the game! Its not that hard.