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#3753694 Thoughts On Pokerstars - Critic And Feedback

Posted Isidoros on 20 February 2017 - 05:37 PM

Alright, I'll give it a try.

1. Aquiring Full Tilt

First of all, don't judge this move by just comparing how much PokerStars had to pay versus how much the company worthed. Although I'm not a marketing expert, I assume that this move was an a marketing one, an advertisement of PokerStars. As you said, the image of online poker had been seriously shaken, and many people had probably decided that online gambling was not worth the risk. PokerStars made sure that the feeling of security of those players was rebuilt. And guess on which platform they would choose to continue playing? That's right... Plus the players that had not yet entered online poker, plus the general image of an ethical, economically healthy and a players-oriented company, with of all of it's potential benefits.

2. Coping the partygaming business mode

Online gambling such as slots, blackjack, roulette etc. is a guaranteed profit for the provider. As long as poker players "give it a try", the company makes profit. Plus, not everybody knows or wants to play poker. Many would just hang around the casino games, which is, as said before, guaranteed profit. Plus these players who are probably bad poker players will definitely, at some point, give poker a try. Which is beneficial to the poker ecosystem. And that leads me to the last topic...

3. Protecting weak players

As you said, nobody wants to lose money. If they continuously and rapidly lose their deposits, they will at some point decide that enough is enough. So less pots will be played and less rake will be going into the company. "The major key to get people to deposit are regular winning players". I have to disagree with that and with your overall thought process. Not everybody plays to win. Many recreational players (that's why they're called this way), who make up the largest percentage of the player pool, play first and foremost to have fun. If they break even or at least manage to hang on their deposits for a while, they will definitely continue playing. And guess what? More cash game pots and more players in a tournament equals more rake. Good players will still win. Probably less, but they will still book a win at the end of the day. Bad players will still be bad and lose, but those players would lose no matter what. In my opinion, I applaud PokerStars for their later changes and I hope they will "bring the fun back to online poker".

#3588936 Best Strategy For Daily Mtt At Local Casino

Posted FARGOpokerND on 02 April 2013 - 01:00 AM

What in the world? What kind of tourney does 45min levels until starting stack is 50bb eff and then jumps to 20 min levels during the important part?

Most important thing to do is to learn shove charts. Assuming you know how to calculate M (SB+BB+Antes of everyone) then you can use this chart to have a better idea when it is profitable to shove.

Online, I may shove hands at the 5-8M range (the equivalent would be having between 30 and 48k at 1k/2k/300 according to your chart, where M = 6k) but in a live setting you can get away with raising there vs most live opponents.

I'd be shoving vs most people when my hand falls into the range at 5M and under unless, say, its an old guy that folds 95% of the time to a raise and it folds to you BvB, no need to jam when a minraise works so often.

Heres the jam chart I base my guidelines off of.
Posted Image
Posted Image

Those who continually falter in the middle stages are usually ones who have trouble keeping up aggression and picking good spots. Look for live tells such as how comfortable they are. Also you said you are running into problems where you 3bet and then cbet and get jammed on. If the average stack is 16-18bb, theres no way you should have enough chips in play to do all that. If you're 3betting and the effective stacks are oh lets say around 20-22bb or less, your 3bet should be a jam. Put max pressure on them.

Hopefully the shove chart helps you find more spots when you are card dead.

#3574765 Omaha Newb

Posted FCP Bob on 26 December 2012 - 05:25 AM

Playing for the high in a split pot game is exactly the wrong way to play.

The way to make money is to scoop pots so you want to play hands with the potential for both low and high.

You win the high a lot of the time by backing in to something when going for the low.

Also playing tight is the correct way to play and watch your draws. In loose Omaha 8 games there is nothing worse then drawing to things like crappy flushes since a better flush draw is often out there.