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In Topic: Random Hockey Observations

Yesterday, 04:39 PM

Carlson at 8 times 8 seems reasonable.

In Topic: Official Toronto Maple Leafs Thread

Yesterday, 08:30 AM

Rumor has it Tavares s fiancé just took a job at a Toronto area hospital. She is from Oshawa.

In Topic: World Cup 2018

Yesterday, 08:20 AM

View PostMapleLeafpoker, on 24 June 2018 - 08:12 AM, said:

sorry, not LA. I need to get a ticket or 4. Farther from Glendale, the better.

I'll take a game in Edmonton, or hell, I would have gone to Russia....or ill go to Qatar if they pull off a miracle. lol

I’m being selfish. A game in La would be amazing for us here. We might fill 90000 Armenians inside a stadium.

In Topic: Club De Hockey Canadien

Yesterday, 07:55 AM

It was definitely the Hockey News. They came out a month before draft. The other rankings adjusted their picks after speculation came out that Habs would take him.

This years draft was extremely interesting as some teams drafted for need and then teams like Red Wings and Islanders had players ranked much higher fall to them.

As a Habs non fan I hope it doesn’t work out.

In Topic: World Cup 2018

Yesterday, 07:50 AM

View PostMapleLeafpoker, on 24 June 2018 - 06:45 AM, said:

Id go nuts if Armenia was in the WC, and Id pay stupid amounts to go and watch in person. And then, Id take any kind of positive news. lol

It’s gonna happen. Plan your trip now. 2026. With the finals expanding to 48 teams it can happen.

Can you imagine an Armenia soccer game in LA? It’s gonna happen