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88 Oop

21 October 2017 - 11:59 PM

2/3 Live Syndey Casino

Villain $600+- Asian woman mid late 30s, wears sunglasses and seems confident and solid player. Has been at the table for 20 min. very active and aggressive. 1 showdown which she hit a straight with QJ mid position.

Hero$180- TAG image however hasnt been involved in hand with V.

UTG2 Hero Posted Image Posted Image open raise $15. V 3bets to $40 and all fold to Hero with a call.
Flop: $85 Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
Hero check. V bets $70

Against V cb range 88+,AQs+,A2s,KQs,QJs,JTs,AQo+ I am 60/40 dog. I have no other reads.
What my next move? Is there a formula or program I can use to find call/fold/shove equity. I have flopzilla and poker stove.

Will post result later.