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Ftops Main Event Hh On Pxfactor

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Posted 18 February 2007 - 09:38 PM

http://www.pokerxfac...19_000014/11163I make a couple of mistakes in my opinion after hand 300 or so but in retrospect they were very tough decisions.Hand 302 - My read on the player involved was that he was very poor post flop which is why I called the re-raise. I felt he played it like a high middle pair and that by making a value type bet on the river I would come off as stronger than by shoving my entire stack at the pot. The way the hand was played it seemed that any hand in his new range of starting hands (after checking behind on both the flop and turn after re-popping pre) would have to lay down to that sort of bet on the river. Unfortunately, in retrospect the only winning decision would have been not to play.Hand 362 - Same play was made at me earlier in the week when I opened with AKss and someone shoved all in with 88. I didn't win that race either. Here are the things I was going over while deciding to call (BTW, how the HELL do they not institute a timebank on FT with this much money on the line???)... First, I had my read that I was in a pure race as a premium hand would try to get some value out of his hand and not take it down pre. Second, the avg stack was 61k at that point and as I was already in the money I was trying to amass enough chips to make the final table and win the thing and not just try to outlast 40 people or so and move up another $40. Now, I didn't really have the time to deduce that my M would have been around 9 if I lay down which would be pretty managable but I'd still have to get into a race to try and puck up chips at some point soon. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks and GL everyone.

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Posted 20 February 2007 - 10:50 AM

As for the A J hand, I think this table was playing tight enough where you didnt have to put your whole stack on a race in order to get chips. You could have kept stealing blinds and antes, and gotten yourself in a big pot where you were positive you were a big favorite to win, not just a coin toss. Also the A 10 hand at the beginning was a little unneccessary. I would have checked behind on the turn, and even if i did bet, I would not have called an all in reraise with just a pair of tens. Other than that, I think you have good starting hand selection, but made some erorrs with the two hands you mentioned, and early on with the A 10.
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