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#1 ncperrotta069



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Posted 22 January 2007 - 07:30 PM

QQ8.. two limpers after the bring-in I raise, and then I am re-raised by a Q showing and then a 3 showing three bets after originally limpingthis is not h/l eitherTable '41088588 47' 8-maxSeat 1: 7digitloser (2635 in chips) Seat 2: candaceland (2869 in chips) Seat 3: Ferskur (104 in chips) Seat 4: homer164 (67 in chips) Seat 5: ARMINBOX (2644 in chips) Seat 6: KS sprintfan (1074 in chips) Seat 7: dogsfeet (1648 in chips) Seat 8: Chaaaaaaa (3359 in chips) homer164: posts the ante 12ARMINBOX: posts the ante 12KS sprintfan: posts the ante 12dogsfeet: posts the ante 12Chaaaaaaa: posts the ante 127digitloser: posts the ante 12candaceland: posts the ante 12Ferskur: posts the ante 12*** 3rd STREET ***Dealt to 7digitloser [Qd]Dealt to candaceland [6d]Dealt to Ferskur [5d]Dealt to homer164 [2d]Dealt to ARMINBOX [Td]Dealt to KS sprintfan [4c]Dealt to dogsfeet [3c]Dealt to Chaaaaaaa [Qh Qs 8s]homer164: brings in for 18ARMINBOX: folds KS sprintfan: calls 18dogsfeet: calls 18Chaaaaaaa: raises 42 to 607digitloser: raises 60 to 120candaceland: folds Ferskur: folds homer164: calls 37 and is all-inKS sprintfan: calls 102dogsfeet: raises 60 to 180Chaaaaaaa ????

#2 HangukMiguk


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Posted 23 January 2007 - 06:07 PM

i call, but get prepared to fold 4th to heavy betting if i don't hit an 8 or the case Q. Any info on the guy?

#3 aucu


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Posted 27 January 2007 - 04:56 PM

When 7digitloser raises you have to think all the Qs are out so you are at best in a race with him but dog Repraising with a 3 looks like a wired pair >Qs or rolled up 3s if not he is trying to make a move with his short stack.I say give it up.
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#4 ....Ian....


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Posted 29 January 2007 - 04:18 PM

i lean towards muckin here, either 333 or AA or KK and with a Q dead (probably both other Qs) IMO you're waaaay behind (with 4 to come)(warning, im pretty green on stud still)
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#5 mb5322


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Posted 05 February 2007 - 10:33 AM

Fold it, unless you are double suited then I peel one off.
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#6 LincolnK


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Posted 06 February 2007 - 11:18 AM

without info on the raisers, i fold. i'd guess you do not have the best hand a lot of the time here. nobody is going to give you credit for a big pair under with all the other action. you're going to have to put a lot of money in, and there's less you can do with it having a queen out. this seems like a situation you could throw away a lot of chips needlessly. as a bonus incentive to fold, the all-in guy guarantees you see one of these guys' hands out, which can provide good info.

#7 rog


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Posted 06 February 2007 - 12:42 PM

I know it's an old topic, but I'm boredI like a fold on 3rd. I don't like drawing to queens up multi-way, and with only one Q left in the deck, we don't have much to draw to. I don't mind the first raise too much if the table is tight, but at a loose table, I limp on 3rd, and call one but not 2 bets back to me. With 3 in already, I think we can call this a loose table.

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