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Searched For Drug At Canada Border

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Posted 16 September 2006 - 07:23 PM

SORRY THIS IS LONG....When I was 19 my buddy was in the army at fort lewis washington, this is in 95-96. I drove up with a friend from California to hang out for a week.We hooked up with some chicks from Vancouver and decided to go up there for the weekend. We had never been to Canada and did not know what to expect as far as getting alcohol. So we got a bunch from the base (cheap) and decided to put it in the trunk and head up. Note (I am a white middle class noraml looking guy; I drove at the time a lowered 94 black 3 series BMW, it looked nice, not ghetto).When we got to the border they asked us a couple of questions1. Do you have any weapons - no2. Do you have any drugs - no3. Do you have any fruit/perishables - no4. Do you have any alcohol -yes4.a. How much?I told them a case of beer and a couple bottles of champagne, which was pretty close. We ended up having a few more beers than that and some "girly drinks" for the girls we were meeting up with.They were pissed that we had "lied" about the alcohol we said we had. I told them that we didn't lie, I did not know they wanted an exact inventory, I just gave them an approximate.I was searched for 3 hours, my person, my friends, my car inside and out.Shitty thing was we had met 3 girls on the road on the drive up and they were from Vanc, and they were waiting for us, and the Border patrol would not let us closer than 100 feet to talk, so we were never able to hook up with them.After a couple of hours on of the patrol searching us, I finally figured out why, they thought we were running drugs, young guys nice car. There was a phone number in my wallet on a piece of paper, non name, probably someone from a class, they repeatedly asked me if it was my"hook up"So after 3 hours they finally let us go, I was never worried because we had done nothing wrong, met up with the other girls and had a fun weekend and good story.Funny thing was they were horrible at searching, I had a speaker box in the back with a 12" woofer in it, they never even looked behind the speaker, I could have easily had drugs in there, no dogs, it was wierd.Then we get into Vanc, as soon as we get into downtown there is a Jeep Cherokee backing up at me a cop running after it jumps into the driver window and grabs the steering wheel, the Jeep misses my front end by about a 1/2 foot, spins and throws the cop into the intersection and takes off, we quickly get out of there go into a parking garage to park and meet the girls and we see a guy break a window of a car and take of with something out of it, needless to say we did not park there.SO my first and only trip to Canada was riddled with a drug search, crime and police chases, Ironic thing is my dad was a narcotics officer for 30 years.

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