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Semi-final Matchups

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Posted 07 August 2006 - 01:29 PM

Well, Wild Card Weekend lived up to its name with some crazy matches in the Spades Conference, as well as great play in the Hearts Conference. All top seeds advanced, and here are the matchups and early week lines.We start in the Spades Conference.1. Demented Avengers (10-5, BYE) vs. 4. Team Zimmer (9-6, 3-2 over Kings in the Hole)Demented Avengers were the consistent #1 team in the Spades Conference with a 10-5 record. They split the workload, but team MVP BillyBizzle may be unavailable according to inside reports. The other 3 players (Copernicus, NaturalSelection, and therrinn) were a combined 5-5 in the regular season, and their Game 2 starter has yet to be announced.Zimmer advanced due to a lucky flush hit on the river in Match 5 of their series against Kings in the Hole. Zimmer4141 played all matches in the Wild Card Series, but Ace in the hole PoppinFresh may make an appearance in this series.Early Line: Demented Avengers -220 Team Zimmer +1902. Team Canada (10-5, BYE) vs. 3. Looshle's Losers (10-5, 3-2 over Yangsters)Team Canada has a powerful 1-2 punch with Team Captain Fleung22 and Lindros88. They have flown under the radar this year, but were consistently near the top all year. Team Canada was the Puggy Pearson Division Champion.Looshle's Losers barely escaped against Yangsters, hitting favorable river cards against Yangsters to pull out a win 3-2. Looshle played every match, we're unsure if GrinderMJ has been let out of his cage yet. Early Line: Team Canada -210 Looshle's Losers +180We move on to the Hearts Conference, where League Celebrity Daniel Negreanu may make an appearance now that he's done with whatever tournament he's been playing.1. 5150s (10-5, BYE) vs. 4. The Czars (8-7, 3-1 over Team Arenas)The 5150s come in with the best record in the Hearts Conference at 10-5. They have been carried by MVP candidate Theraflu who was a stellar 8-3 throughout the year. Early reports indicate he will shoulder the load, but team Captain chaosnhavoc may step in there.The Czars are coming off an impressive performance over Division rival Team Arenas in the Wild Card round. Their one and only player is Team Captain Czario, who along with Theraflu, were the only 8 win players in the league. They have a big hill to climb, but never count this team out.Early Line: 5150s -250 The Czars +2202. Cheap Thieves (8-7, BYE) vs. 3. HC Dukes (8-7, 3-1 over Bayside)The Cheap Thieves are led by KidPoker himself, Daniel Negreanu. He has been a force this year in both playing and trash talking, with a record of 5-4. They were also carried by Jayboogie with a 3-1 record throughout the season. Also available for play are Waffles2003 and cfinn, although they are less likely to see action with regular season records of 0-1.HC Dukes is carried by mcpickl, who shouldered the regular season load at 6-6, and went 2-1 against Gostags92 to book the Wild Card Win. Available to play or cheer is Figger, who provided .500 work as a backup this season.Early Line (Subject to play depending on the availability of KidPoker) Cheap Thieves -220 HC Dukes +190
Hail To the Victors Valiant
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Posted 07 August 2006 - 02:55 PM

The "under the radar" bit was funny...Team Canada was the league leader for the whole first half and was never more than 1 game behind from the $1K prize. In terms of famous FCP posters our team definitely isn't as well known as the others so maybe that's what you're referring to.On the flip side I think the line is a bit messed up. I'd give us -150 at most...Looshle's no pushover and neither me nor lindros88 is thinking this series is going to be easy. I'm REALLY hoping that we produce more threads complaining about the 1-game advantage. :club:

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