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Bayside Over Viva La Jopke

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Posted 30 July 2006 - 01:54 PM

Winning Team: BaysideLosing Team: Viva la JopkeWinning Player: GoStags920Losing Player: WKTSWAYRunning time: 25 minutesThis was a good match. A lot of back and forth. WKTSWAY was very agressive and had me confused and on my heels a bit, so I just decided to be patient and wait for good opportunities. WKTSWAY was catching cards early in the match, but was not getting paid off. As the match went on, I caught some good starting hands and some good flops. The following hand almost put the nail in the coffin...NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM $10+$1 (Real Money), #782,586,677 GoStags920's Single Table Tournament, 30 Jul 2006 5:29 PM ET Seat 8: WKTSWAY ($1,060 in chips) Seat 10: GoStags920 ($1,940 in chips) ANTES/BLINDSWKTSWAY posts blind ($10), GoStags920 posts blind ($20).PRE-FLOPWKTSWAY bets $50, GoStags920 calls $40.FLOP [board cards AD,JH,7D ]GoStags920 checks, WKTSWAY bets $60, GoStags920 bets $150, WKTSWAY bets $315, GoStags920 calls $225.TURN [board cards AD,JH,7D,KD ]GoStags920 checks, WKTSWAY checks.RIVER [board cards AD,JH,7D,KD,JC ]GoStags920 bets $325, WKTSWAY calls $325.SHOWDOWNGoStags920 shows [ JS,7H ]WKTSWAY mucks cards [ AC,3H ]GoStags920 wins $1,520. SUMMARYDealer: WKTSWAYPot: $1,520WKTSWAY, loses $760GoStags920, bets $760, collects $1,520, net $760I thought I had him when I got him to go all in with K5 against my AK, but he rivered a four flush to stay in it. We traded blows back and forth for a while until the final hand, when I tried to bluff a flop, and he went all in with Ace high v. my King high. It was only another $150 to call, I caught my K on the turn, and that was it.Great playing WKTSWAYNow, it's just up to the wildcard/tiebreaker gods. :club:
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