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Hc Dukes Over Werthy Jerks

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Posted 30 July 2006 - 08:55 AM

winning team: HC Dukes player: mcpicklopponent: Werthy Jerksplayer: jhoff56time: 51 minutesextreme amount of small pot poker played here, nobody had a better than 1800-1200 lead until this hand 22 minutes into the match.15/30 blinds, i raise to 85 w K4o, jhoff calls w A8o. flop A9K. hoff bets 100, i reraise to 300 to see if im beat, hoff calls. K on turn. checked. J on river, hoff checks, i bet 300, he calls. lucky picklnext big hand is at 25/50. hoff leads 1900-1100. hoff limp on button J3o i check 25o. flop 9cJc3s. checked. turn 5c. i check, hoff bets 100, i call. river Js. i check, hoff bets 200, i put him on a big club in hand so i call. i somehow lose to a mere full house. nice read me.two hands later, hoff now up 2400-600. he limps w Qc7c, i check 45o. flop Ac3c5d. i check, hoff bets 50, i go allin, and hoff calls w 2 overs and flush draw. board bricks, i survivemany, many small pots later ive ground my way to a 2000-1000 lead. hoff limps for 25 w AA!!!, i check Q9. flop is QQ5. sweet music. i check, hoff bets 50, i call. turn K. i check, hoff bets 100, i raise it to 300, he goes allin, i call. river is Greensteins book, giving hoff the Aces of Queens full house. Drat.now in the crapshoot 50/100 blind stage, ive pushed allin quite a bit to rebuild and took a small lead on final hand. Im up 1800-1200. hoff limps for 50 w A5, i reraise to 300 total w KK! hoff calls. flop 28Q. i bet 300, hoff pushes allin hoping i missed and i call. board bricks out and i outlast jhoff56.great game jhoff56. Im very tired. Was a very looooong match.
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