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Viva La Jopke Over Team Ramrod

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Posted 23 July 2006 - 04:16 PM

Winning Team: Viva la JopkeWinning Player: WKTSWAYLosing Player: gary212121Time of Match: 12 minutesgary and I started out a little slow. I got a 2:1 chip advantage when I won two big pots in a row... one when my AJ got an A on the turn, and one where I made the low end of a str8 (meither went to show down).gary then took a 1650-1350 lead when his K7 got 2 pair on the river vs. my Q2 two pair on the flop (board Q 2 K 4 7).I took a 2150-850 lead winning a bunch of pot without showing down, but I'm sure I had the best hand most of the hands but one.Final hand, I have JJ in the BB. He raised to 60, I re-raised to 180. He called and the flop came K 2 4. I bet 180, and he raised all in. I had been making similar plays the few hands before that, so I'm sure he thought I didn't have a hand this time. I called and he had A4. Turn 7, river 5 and I get the win.Out of the playoffs, but hopefully we can play spoiler vs. our division rival next week.
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