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Kielbasy Posse Over Viva La Jopke

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Posted 09 July 2006 - 12:50 PM

Winning team: Kielbasy PosseWinning layer: SAM_Hard8Loosing team: Viva La JopkeJopke Player: EvilGNThe Posse score a rare win over the the Jpokers.It was a 40 minute match and a hard faught battleI got down early and my dsl kept craping out but good cards helped me battle back then my rivered straight beat out his two pair.Seat 1: SAM_Hard80 ($1,755 in chips) Seat 10: EvilGN231 ($1,245 in chips) ANTES/BLINDSSAM_Hard80 posts blind ($25), EvilGN231 posts blind ($50).PRE-FLOPSAM_Hard80 calls $25, EvilGN231 checks.FLOP [board cards KC,8H,JH ]EvilGN231 checks, SAM_Hard80 checks.TURN [board cards KC,8H,JH,5D ]EvilGN231 bets $100, SAM_Hard80 calls $100.RIVER [board cards KC,8H,JH,5D,10D ]EvilGN231 bets $200, SAM_Hard80 bets $400, EvilGN231 bets $895 and is all-in, SAM_Hard80 calls $695.SHOWDOWNEvilGN231 shows [ 5H,8C ]SAM_Hard80 shows [ 7D,9C ]SAM_Hard80 wins $2,490. SUMMARYDealer: SAM_Hard80Pot: $2,490SAM_Hard80, bets $1,245, collects $2,490, net $1,245EvilGN231, loses $1,245
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