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Da Bears @ Werthy Jerks

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Posted 09 July 2006 - 09:39 AM

Winning Team: Werthy JerksWinning Player: mw2222Losing Team: Da BearsLosing Player: smokewagons0Time of the match: 15 mins (Not positive of exact time... sorry)The Jerks have taken on the role of spolier since there playoff chances are pretty much gone.It was back and forth early on. I was able to build a small lead by hitting a bunch of pairs and picking up small pots. The big hand came when I had pocket 10s. Smokewagon raised to 50 and I just called. The flop came 10 - 7 - 5 rainbow. I checked and Smoke checked behind me. The turn was a K. I checked again, and smoke checked. The turn was an A. I bet out 200, smoke raised to 600, and I reraised. Smoke called with A-5, leaving him with less than 200 in chips. A couple of hands later he pushed with pocket 2s and I called with 5-6 offsuit. I caught a 6 on the river to win the match.Good game Smokewagons. Catching that A on the river to make two pair was a bad break.mw2222

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